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There are many services that a homeowner can utilize to make the home suitable for living. Like, if the windows are old and started to get damaged mostly via moisture. Then the room needs a new window installation to get proper ventilation and thus save energy on bills. Another way that you can reduce the bucks you spend on high energy bills is via solar installation. It is a secure and eco-friendly system to provide electricity. However, if the house gets ruined because of water and storm damage, then you need to claim your property damage insurance. It can save you from spending a big chunk of money and get the restoration process start as soon as possible. If one needs to get all or a few of these processes from one company, then read further and know more about our general contractor services.

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About Company

Make the Place Energy Efficient and Flawless!

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is a company that installs structures necessary to keep the framework of your house intact. It includes our floors, roofs, and windows installation. Furthermore, we provide solar system services as well. Our solar panels are available for buildings of every size. Thus, our services of residential and commercial solar installation satisfy the energy requirements of any place whether a company or a house. Another service that people find quite helpful is repairing the damages caused by natural causes once the property damage insurance claim has been submitted and taken care of. If the water and storm damage insurance can support the whole process, then you find no hindrance in the damage restoration process, and it will get done at the time given. So connect with us and know more about our services and the working process.

Trained Workers

Our contractors and workers have years of experience performing these services, so their work rate is efficient.

Working Style

Our professionals stick to the instructions you provide them and follow every step in the process precisely.

On-Time Completion

We always value punctuality, and all our services are provided and get done at the given time.

Our Services

Window Installation Dallas TX

Bought a new home, and now get a proper ventilation system to make living peacefully in it. This can be done by our window installation service. There can be windows of many designs and different dimensions. Tell us your preference, and we will create them. If an existing window is old or damaged, change it by getting our window replacement service. We know the old window was stable and thus stayed for so long. But rest assured as our work on window replacement always lives up to the standard of authenticity. Our workers are experts in new window installation and thus deliver the best results.

Solar Installation Dallas TX

The world is going eco-friendly to save the dear planet from the harm of commercial processes. One of them is electricity production, thus our solar services are designed to use sunlight for energy production. We perform roof solar installation in a completely secure and precise way. The benefit of our solar installation services is the mighty saving on your energy bills. So, check our residential solar installation and run your home on solar energy. Our commercial solar installation provides the same benefits to the company sites. We want you to get an efficient and safe electricity-producing system.

Water and Storm Damage Dallas TX

Harsh weather can cause bad impacts on your home, especially if it takes the shape of storms. So, we provide water damage restoration to repair any fault in your house. We do not let the storms disturb your living, hence making our storm damage restoration services available to you on an emergency basis. If your property has come under flood casualties, you need experts to bring the house to its stable condition again. Our work of flood damage restoration has saved the homes of many of our clients over the past years. Thus trust our home damage restoration services to get the complete benefit of it.

Property Damage Insurance Dallas TX

We know the adversities a storm can bring to your place, but secure storm damage insurance can save you from big repair expenditures. Hence, if you have water damage insurance, then we are here to completely assist you. After going through your insurance claim, we start our restoration process right away. When you are taking the right people to do your service, then you do not have to face any difficulty regarding the water damage insurance claim. So, in case of any damage caused by a storm on your property, file the storm damage insurance claim at once. We are here to heed your property damage insurance claim and take action right away.

General Contractor Services Dallas TX

Our company takes care of your home by providing a wide range of home remodeling service. Whether it is an existing home or a new one, both require durable floors. So we offer flooring services, though there are many types of floors. Thus we send our contractors that walk you through various roofing styles and help you pick the best one for your place. Whatever style you choose, rest assured because our workers are experts in performing any floor installation service. Now if you want to replace your old roof with a more stable one or need a new roof for your construction home, then our roof installation service is here to serve you. The use of top-quality products in our roofing service and every other process makes us a reliable choice. You will also find us helpful for repairing any fault, as we provide damage restoration services.

Why Choose Us

For Our Trusted Working Methods

Our company provides services that can change the shape of your house for good. If the old windows are getting damaged, a new window installation service is required. For getting an efficient ventilation system, homeowners trust our window replacement service. However, if your house came under the worst effects of a storm, then our home damage restoration can bring it back to its original state. Whether it is a flood or a high-degree storm, we assure you that our flood and storm damage restoration processes will mend the broken structures and replace the damaged ones. If you are building a new house or the old one is going through remodeling, you should check our roofing and flooring services. Our roof and floor installation service can give your place a new look and more stability to its structures.

Reliable Damage Restoration

Water is the cause of many damages inside your place, yet it can be repaired via our water damage restoration services process.

Modern Home Remodeling

Our home remodeling service can exceptionally make your place more suitable for living and enhance its overall appearance.

Solar Installation Services

We offer roof solar installation to make your house run on the electricity produced via the conversion of natural light.

Perfect House Maintenance

After processing your water and storm damage insurance claim, we start our repair work right away to make your place stable again.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC Offer in Dallas TX?

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC offers home remodeling and repair services in Dallas TX. Below have mentioned the names of our installation and restoration services:

Window Installation

  • Window Replacement
  • New Window Installation
  • Window Installation Service
  • Window Replacement Service

Solar Installation

  • Solar Services
  • Roof Solar Installation
  • Solar Installation Services
  • Residential Solar Installation
  • Commercial Solar Installation

Property Damage Insurance

  • Insurance Claim
  • Water Damage Insurance
  • Storm Damage Insurance
  • Water Damage Insurance Claim
  • Storm Damage Insurance Claim
  • Property Damage Insurance Claim

Water and Storm Damage

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Home Damage Restoration

General Contractor Services

  • Roofing Service
  • Flooring Services
  • Roof Installation Service
  • Floor Installation Service
  • Home Remodeling Service
  • Damage Restoration Services
How Can I Get Water and Storm Damage Services in Dallas TX?

One can water and storm damage services by calling us at 214-892-1910. You can also reach us at email: and ask any queries related to our work process.

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What is the Main Procedure of a Roof Installation Service?

Firstly install the solar panels, then electric wiring takes place. Later connect the whole electrical system to the solar panels. We perform all these processes with precise attention, and thus our work shows no signs of fidelity.

What are the Best Roofing Options?

There are many different types of roofs, though most people go for the following three for their durability and various advantages. They are asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and slate roofing, and we provide all forms of roofing service.

  • Solar Installation Dallas TX
  • Window Installation Dallas TX
  • Water and Storm Damage Dallas TX
  • Property Damage Insurance Dallas TX
  • General Contractor Services Dallas TX
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