Preserve the Lifespan of Your Roof Using Our Professional Roof Maintenance Services In Frisco TX

I Roofing TX is a company that provides roofing services to our potential customers. We know the impact of a defective roof on your place, and to prevent it provide our most reliable roof maintenance services. Meanwhile, a healthy roof is the key to a strong place and to keep it that way we render our best resources. We provide all kinds of services to your roofs such as our most authentic metal soffit installation service. Furthermore, one can rely on the effective work of our workers, as they are serving in this field for years. Our roofing contractor always properly assists you and helps you to make the right decision for your roofs.

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Ensure the Wellness of Your Roof with Our Service!

I Roofing TX is famous for rendering top-notch roofing services in town. Our workers are always appreciated for giving their services on time. We provide a wide variety of roof installation services according to the needs of our clients. Such as our metal roof installation is quite helpful to those who want a long-lasting roof. Then, our shingle roof installation is affordable and gives your place an elegant look. The installation of roofs is based on various factors, such as the geographic location and the structure of your house or building. Thus, we properly guide you before rendering our services. So, connect with us to get our most trusted roofing services.

Excellent Consultation

Our roof inspection services perform a thorough examination of your roof and then inform you regarding its condition.

Resistant to Harsh Weather

In rainy seasons, the collection of water on your roof is a major concern. Therefore, we provide seamless gutters installation.

Restore Roof Damages

We provide all kinds of roof damage repair to mend your leaking roofs and also changing mold-infested wood.

Our Services

Roofing Services Frisco TX

We know that a good roof is the reason behind a comfortable-looking place. For this purpose, we render different kinds of roofing services. One can get our metal roof installation and rest assured of its efficiency. Every step from removing the old material, to applying the new underlayment and finally the metal panels are taken care of with extreme attention. Meanwhile, shingle roof installation is a nice option for getting a low-cost and nice-looking roof. If your place looks good with a flat roof, we also provide flat roofs installation. Nothing looks more beautiful than attractive tiles on your roofs, thus we have designed our tire roof installation service. Furthermore, to have an effective flow of water from your roof towards the disposal system, seamless gutters installation is a great idea. We perform all our services with quiet precision.

Roofing Contractor Frisco TX

Our contractors provide the most valid roof inspection services. Firstly, they check your roof for any kind of damage. Based on their thorough analysis, we suggest the ways that can help in restoring the faults. If the damage seems impossible to repair, they walk you through our many roofing options. Our professionals always help you to make the right decision. Meanwhile, seamless gutters installation protects your roofs from getting soaked in water and thus damaging the underneath wood. They keep the foundations of your wood from getting molds and mildew, a common form of water damage. Unlike section gutters, they require low maintenance and provide a nice look to your roofs. It is an efficient way of providing a disposal system for rainwater and therefore, keeping the stability of the roof maintained.

Roof Maintenance Frisco TX

Roos with time get certain damages, it is a common issue in every place. However, one can prevent their roof from getting worsened by getting a roof damage repair service. Most of the time, the reason for a defect is the broken overlay whether tiles or shingles, that is causing the roofs to leak. Our roof leaking repair is a permanent solution to such kinds of damage. Roof repair & maintenance is an essential step to perform after a certain period to ensure the solidity of its structure. However, not all damages are meant to repair and thus roof replacement becomes necessary. Our clients have nothing to worry about, as we provide our best new roof installation services. We have all kinds of roofing solutions for your place. Furthermore, our company always focuses on using modern technologies in our services.

Metal Soffit Installation Service Frisco TX

Our company provides the most beneficial metal soffit installation service for your roof. We know the importance of a soffit panel. As it protects your roof from getting exposed to moisture and is a good source of ventilation. It also enhances the aesthetics of your place. As they protect your roofs, thus the chances of molds growing on the wooden framework of a roof are quite less. We also provide TPO roof services. This kind of flooring is a great opinion to cover your flat roofs. It is the most in-demand roofing service for commercial buildings. As they are white, hence a good way of preventing heat and keeping the building cooler in the summer. We perform proper TPO roof services, which cause them to remain in a good condition for a long time. 

Why Choose Us

Our Values are Visible in Our Work

We provide roof repair & maintenance. Our services can give your roof and ultimately your place, a new life. If your roof has damages that are beyond restoring then, you require a new roof installation service. Gladly, our company also provides that service. All the products that we utilize on your roof are authentic and are not easy to wear off by extreme weather. Based on the choice of our client, we install the roof. However, we know that roofing is a complicated process, but our workers make sure to do it quite efficiently. Commercial buildings can also utilize our resources, as we also provide TPO roof services.

Beneficial Services

Our services always result in the improved structure of your place as we use good quality products in roof replacement.

Take Care of Your Roofs

We prepare your roof for every weather, especially for rains by performing roof leaking repair.

Fair Service Prices

Our workers make sure to provide top quality services at your place and all this at quite reasonable charges.

Variety of Services

We render a large variety of roofing options. So, no matter what kind of roof our client demands, we will provide it.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services I Roofing TX Offers in Frisco TX?

We render roof installation and repair services in Frisco TX. Below mention all our useful services to our customers.

Roofing Services

  • Metal Roof Installation
  • Shingle Roof Installation
  • Flat Roofs Installation
  • Tile Roof Installation
  • Seamless Gutters Installation

Roofing Contractor

  • Roof Inspection Services
  • Seamless Gutters Installation

Roof Maintenance

  • Roof Leaking Repair
  • Roof Damage Repair
  • New Roof Installation
  • Roof Repair & Maintenance
  • Roof Replacement

Metal Soffit Installation Service

  • TPO Roof Services 
How Can You Get Our Roof Maintenance in Frisco TX?

You can easily get our roof maintenance by emailing us at or can also contact us at 214-892-1910.

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What are the Benefits of Flat Roofs Installation?

It is easy to install and has low cost, and the most common membrane used in flat roofs are EPDM or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. It provides strong stability and stays in a good condition for a long time.

What is the Overall Process of Tile Roof Installation?

Firstly, a layer of roof either of OSB or of plywood applied then underlayment is placed over it. It protects the roof from leaking. Lastly, an outer layer of tiles is attached to it. 

  • Roofing Services Frisco TX
  • Roofing Contractor Frisco TX
  • Roof Maintenance Frisco TX
  • Metal Soffit Installation Service Frisco TX
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