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A building turns into a home when its residents spend their time and money on its maintenance. It enhances the overall outlook of the property. You can also do this by having a window installation service from a trusted source. It will make your home look more appealing than ever. More so, getting a solar installation service may also work best. It can save you money in the long run and bring value to your property. In addition, you may also have our water and storm damage restoration service. If you hire a professional team, it will increase the functionality of your home. Besides this, you may also get property damage insurance. It will provide you with complete coverage in case of any damage. However, you can save money and time by getting professional general contractor services.

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We Help You Keep Your Home Energy Efficient!

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is a reliable home remodeling company that aims to bring value to your home. You may have a new window installation service by hiring our professionals. They have years of experience in doing this which makes them also good at window replacement service. To put forth, it is really important to save some money for the long run. So, you may have our residential and commercial solar installation services. It will make your home more energy efficient than ever and provide you with peace of mind. Meanwhile, we can also facilitate you with our roof solar installation service. It is because we have a team of experts here to provide you with solar services that you can trust.

Professional Team

Here we have a professional team to cater to your requirements regarding water and flood damage restoration services.

Top Notch Service

We can revive the functionality of your home with our top-notch storm damage restoration service.

Client Satisfaction

Our team has years of expertise in providing home damage restoration services to bring your property value.

Our Services

Solar Installation Plano TX

Our solar installation services can make your home energy efficient. To put forth, we have a team of experts here to serve you right. You can hire them to get our trusted residential solar installation service. It will make things easier to a greater extent by reducing your electricity bills. Moreover, we can also facilitate you with the best commercial solar installation service. It can save a lot of your cost which will impose a significant impact on your overall expenses. Meanwhile, you can even take our team on board to have our roof solar installation service. However, feel free to have solar services from our trusted team to save you money in the long run.

Windows Installation Plano TX

Windows play a significant part in creating an outlook of the property. So, we bring you our trusted window installation service. Here we have a team of certified professionals to cater to your requirements. They have been serving the industry for many years which makes them also proficient at new window installation. Moreover, we know how it feels to have broken windows as it does not cast a good impact. For this reason, we have got our window replacement service. If the windows of your house have got broken or need extensive repair, this is the time for window replacement. It will give your home a refreshing look.

Property Damage Insurance Plano TX

An insurance claim can save you from the loss of massive damage. It is because if you have storm damage insurance, you will not have to spend lots of money. Having a storm damage insurance claim can benefit you in various ways. To put it forth, water damage is likely to happen as time passes by. So, you must also have water damage insurance that will help you save on the repair cost. If you have this, you can easily do the water damage insurance claim. It will protect your property from any sort of serious damage. Meanwhile, you must also be able to do a property damage insurance claim to revive the structure of your house.

Water and Storm Damage Plano TX

Our storm damage restoration services can help you prevent natural damage. Here we have a team of professionals to revive the functionality of your house. In addition, you may also have our flood damage restoration service. Flood is a natural disaster that causes massive damage. To cater to this, our team provides you with services that can revive the outlook of your home. Furthermore, water damage restoration services are also something you can have. It will prevent your house from pests and molds and help you maintain a clean environment. However, we provide home damage restoration services to never let your home miss its vibe.

General Contractor Services Plano TX

Getting general contractor services from a trusted source can save you money. You may have our damage restoration services if your property has got damaged. More so, you may also have our home remodeling service. It will give a different shape to your property and revive its originality. In addition, we are here to serve you right with our roof installation service. This service is performed by our professional experts which validates their years of experience. It makes our roofing service reliable enough. Meanwhile, you can also have our floor installation service. If you want to install the floor of the latest design, we can do this for you with our flooring services.

Why Choose Us

To have a Secure Living Experience!

At Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC, we believe that quality should never be compromised. That is why we only use the highest quality material and employ the best installers in the business. Moreover, our team keeps you informed throughout the insurance claim process and answers any queries you may have. We offer top-quality window installation and replacement service to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency. Our team will restore your home to its pre-storm condition with their storm damage restoration service. Also, our experts will file water and storm damage insurance claims on your behalf to ease this daunting process for you. Further, we will handle every aspect of the project, from demolition to final clean-up during the home remodeling service.

Insurance Claim Assistance

We make the process of filing property damage insurance claims hassle-free by providing full assistance.

Modern Methodologies

We update our technology and equipment. Also, we employ contemporary strategies and procedures during roof and floor installation service.

Satisfaction of Clients

Our solar installation services consistently meet the demands of our customers. Additionally, we follow the clients’ directions for the best results.

Deliver Timely Services

We complete the task in a timely manner. The team makes sure that the flood and water damage restoration tasks are successfully finished quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC Offer in Plano TX?

Fix Hold & Flip Construction LLC is the name of a trusted home remodeling business that aims to revive the outlook of your property. Meanwhile, you may also have a look at all the services we have to offer to our potential customers:


Window Installation

  • Window Replacement
  • New Window Installation
  • Window Installation Service
  • Window Replacement Service

Solar Installation

  • Solar Services
  • Roof Solar Installation
  • Solar Installation Services
  • Residential Solar Installation
  • Commercial Solar Installation

Property Damage Insurance

  • Insurance Claim
  • Water Damage Insurance
  • Storm Damage Insurance
  • Water Damage Insurance Claim
  • Storm Damage Insurance Claim
  • Property Damage Insurance Claim

Water and Storm Damage

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Home Damage Restoration

General Contractor Services

  • Roofing Service
  • Flooring Services
  • Roof Installation Service
  • Floor Installation Service
  • Home Remodeling Service
  • Damage Restoration Services

How Can You Get Our Water and Storm Damage Restoration Services in Plano TX?

You can get our water and storm damage restoration services in Plano TX by reaching out to our team at our email address However, you can also drop us a call if you have queries at our contact number 214-892-1910.


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Why Should You Get Our General Contractor Services?

You should get our general contractor services because our workers have been working in the industry for many years. It complements their skills and expertise in providing remodeling services. They can help you save money by providing you with timely and sustainable repairs and replacements.

When is the Right Time to Have Home Remodeling Service?

There is no right time to have a home remodeling service. Yes, if your property has gone rusty or discolored wallpapers, you may have this service. Not only the discolored walls but scratched wood and broken things can also be restored if you hire a professional team.

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