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Cleaning Service Oakland Park FL

Cleaning is a salient feature to keep your health and home secure. That is why cleanliness is the utmost factor of every place. Therefore, we offer reliable janitorial services. Our team can clean, dust, and sweep each and every component of your property. More so, you can utilize our commercial cleaning service. We will clean your surface and high-traffic areas to provide you with a clean zone. In this way, you can be safe from germs and other infections. You can have our move in move out cleaning services. Meanwhile, our professionals will provide you with efficient and stress-free cleaning services. Our team can facilitate you with carpet cleaning service.

Clean Up Services Oakland Park FL

Besides our cleaning services, we also offer clean-up services for you. We provide a variety of clean-up services. It includes our reliable hoarding clean up services. Our team uses deep cleaning methods to reduce health-related risks. In this way, you can ease your stress with the help of our services. More so, you can also have our construction cleanup services. With the help of this service, you can give a finished look to your property. Sofa cleaning service is also part of our service set. Our experts will remove all dirt and dust from your sofas without any damage. Further, you can also utilize our efficient floor cleaning services.

Rug Cleaning Oakland Park FL

To put forth, you can utilize our rug cleaning services. We offer various types of rug cleaning services. So that you can choose according to your needs conveniently. You can have a rug pick up service. If you do not have time to get them cleaned, we will pick up your rug on time. Similarly, we also provide rug drop off service. Our experts will drop off your rugs anytime, during business hours. You can also have a rug cleaning service. We will clean all kinds of rugs for you. Our team uses quality products to meet your business needs. More so, our team can facilitate you with a cost-effective rug cleaning service. 

Commercial Cleaning Service Oakland Park FL

We know the importance of cleaning and how much it creates a significant impact when it comes to the cleaning of the workspace. That is why we have got a commercial cleaning service for our potential customers. Our commercial cleaning service can help you keep your workspace clean and healthy. More so, we also offer sofa cleaning service to keep your sofas looking like new. Our sofa cleaning service can help you keep your sitting area in a good condition. Moreover, we also provide carpet cleaning service in case the carpets at your workspace need cleaning. We use top-notch chemicals when our clients hire us to have carpet cleaning service to ensure the carpet does not lose its original colors.

About Us

TMS Cleaning and Maintenance is a credible cleaning company that provides efficient and reliable janitorial services. We have been serving our clients for many years and specialize in using highquality cleaning standards to meet your needs. Our team is pro at handling any kind of project and uses high techniques and solutions to clean your spaces. Customers are our foremost priority and that is why we strive hard to satisfy them. You can call our experts for any kind of cleaning service and we will be happy to serve you our reliable services.


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