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Blackstone Landscaping Design LLC offers outstanding ideas to flourish the beauty of your landscapes. Our landscape services make your landscapes convenient enough for people to look in on, and get the lavishing experience there. Meanwhile, our landscape design services act as a bridge between nature and the latest technology. This bridge is necessary for a growing world to explore the wonders of nature. To protect the peace of such places and give safety to the people, we provide a landscape lighting service. Moreover, at the request of potential clients, we are skilled enough to construct magnificent fish ponds.

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About Us

Enhance the Fascination of Landscapes

Blackstone Landscaping Design LLC knows the value of landscapes for a residential place or any business. These beautiful destinations can bring a large number of people to these areas. The services we offer enhance their beauty as well as provide a system of maintenance. Our landscape walkways build on bumpy roads and create a smooth passage for people to walk on easily. Then to drain the excess water, a proper landscape drainage system is essential. We also offer the installation of landscape lighting to keep the beauty of these places alive at night as well. Lastly, you can get a hypnotic view of landscape waterfalls in your establishment. So, get in touch with us to find out more about our unique offers.

Irrigation System

We make your landscape a place that one can cherish. Hence offer to construct the water system for its healthy plantation.

Pavers Flagstone Patios

To provide a peaceful outdoor dining space or a place to spend quality time, we build patios of flagstone pavers.

Landscape Walkways

To make your walks smooth and delightful on landscapes, we offer the forming of beautiful walkways.

Our Services

Landscape Services Houston TX

Our company came into view when we realized the needs of the people who live near landscapes. It is hard for them to get access to some resources. We make it possible by serving them with our many services. We offer irrigation system services to provide the landscape with a proper water flow. However, landscape requires complete landscape drainage as well in case of the use of water. Meanwhile, to make the living and access of individuals there convenient, it needs a passageway. One can get all the details of forming a landscape walkways project from us. Nothing looks more amazing than experiencing the beauty of nature while sitting on pavers flagstone patios.

Landscape Design Services Houston TX

One can enhance the aesthetic of your place, either a commercial site or a house near a landscape, by providing mesmerizing illumination at nighttime. To prepare this elegant setup for you, we offer landscape lighting. You can even add aesthetics and different styles of attraction to the beauty of your place. Such as for creating a waterfall on your site, you can get our service of landscape waterfalls. Such places with the addition of man-made beauty are prominent spots for tourist attractions and any hotel, restaurant, or lodge owner can get the best use of them. Furthermore, we build landscape walkways both of traditional and modern design, just tell us your preference. Lastly, you can get complete landscape drainage from us.

Landscape Lighting Service Houston TX

We provide landscape lighting contractors to survey your location and advise you best on the lightning system that goes well with it. Landscape lighting design is one of the many ways to make your spot more amazing and easily approachable to tourists. However, it is not only about making any location elegant but for security purposes as well. Installing landscape lighting is required to keep intruders out of the boundaries of your establishment by providing clear visibility even in the dark. Whether you want lights on the pathways or walkways, you can rest assured of getting the desired service with our landscaping lighting.

Fish Ponds Houston TX

To create an artificial and efficient fish pond, we are here to help you. Our company will help you with everything from its creation to its proper care. For this purpose, we offer excellent quality pond liners for water retention in the pond. It is an efficient way to prevent water loss by getting absorbed in the soil. Fish pond liners are an impermeable layer between the soil and the water level of a pond. We have a team of skilled workers who can construct beautiful outdoor fish ponds. It will be another important addition to your otherwise appealing structure. We also built a Koi fish pond, a suitable environment for koi fish to live peacefully.

why choose us

For Our Quality and Efficient Work:

Blackstone Landscaping Design LLC provides services to enable you to make the best of our beautiful sights. Businesses saturated near such locations get the most tourist attraction, and to sustain it, we provide various forms of landscape lighting design. You can illuminate your place whether a residential house or any lodging like a motel in the most beautiful way possible. This way, your establishment will be the spot of interest. Our landscape lighting contractors are reliable people who after taking a proper tour of your site will guide you on our different lighting plans. In today’s world, creating any artificial means of beauty is an easy task. This includes the outdoor fish ponds, and to maintain the contents of it, we also provide fish pond liners.

Attractive Illumination

We provide the service of landscaping lighting to make your place look enchanting and visible from far away.

Timely Completion of Task

When we are appointed for a certain task, we take every measure to perform it precisely and at the exact time.

Quality Material

The products and materials that we use in our services have always proven beneficial to our customers.

Affordable Rates

All our services including installing landscape lighting come at a reasonable price, hence easy to attain.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Blackstone Landscaping Design LLC Provide in Houston TX?

Blackstone Landscaping Design LLC offers many landscape services for the inhabitants of Houston TX. Below, we have mentioned the names of all our services:


Landscape Services

  • Irrigation System
  • Pavers Flagstone Patios
  • Landscape Walkways
  • Landscape Drainage 


Landscape Design Services

  • Landscape Lighting
  • Landscape Drainage
  • Landscape Walkways
  • Landscape Waterfalls


Landscape Lighting Service

  • Landscape Lighting Design
  • Landscaping Lighting
  • Installing Landscape Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting Contractors


Fish Ponds

  • Pond Liners
  • Koi Fish Pond
  • Fish Pond Liners
  • Outdoor Fish Ponds

How Can I Get Landscape Design Services in Houston TX?

You can get our landscape design services by contacting us at 713-297-1116 or you can also send us an email at

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What is the Purpose of Pond Liners?

To save the water present in man-made ponds from getting soaked up in the soil, a pond liner is necessary. It is like a covering through which water can not pass, and it is placed on the surface of a pond. Hence, saving the water from getting drained into the soil.

Why Does Koi Fish Need a Separate Pond?

For the proper growth of koi fish, a proper habitat is required. It is provided by a Koi Fish Pond. All the conditions are set to suit the living needs of a fish, and there is no way for any other animal to enter a pond. In addition to that, these ponds are easy to maintain.

  • Landscape Services Houston TX
  • Landscape Design Services Houston TX
  • Landscape Lighting Service Houston TX
  • Fish Ponds Houston TX
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