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Plumbing Services Norristown PA

We offer effective plumbing services if you are experiencing problems with your pipes and water supply. Meanwhile, our team of expert plumbers will provide professional plumbing to fix your pipelines. Many issues can occur with your home’s pipelines and water supply. To ensure that your water system is functioning properly, we provide residential plumbing services. In addition, we can assist with gas pipeline issues. Furthermore, you can use our commercial plumbing services for water supply systems on a large scale. For any urgency, we also provide emergency plumbing service. As an expert team, we are able to deal with all plumbing issues. 

Handyman Services Norristown PA

We offer several types of handyman services to assist clients with different issues in their residential places. Therefore, you can rely on us for door repairs if you are facing any issues with your door. In addition, we can also fix defective door locks to ensure the safety of your place. For wooden flooring on your balcony, we can perform deck repairs for you. A full floor tile replacement is available if you need a new tile installation. There are many tiles to choose from, depending on the theme of your house. Meanwhile, we can beautifully color your home through our quality painting services. Our specialists will use the best contrast when painting your home. 

About Us

Gorilla Inc. helps its customers with a variety of plumbing and handyman services. Our goal is to make our clients’ lives simpler by providing efficient service. Our services are available for both residential and commercial properties. To deliver the finest experience for our clients, we use efficient tools and processes. Meanwhile, our professionals are highly qualified in their respective fields. They guarantee to address all of your plumbing concerns. However, you may try out our various handyman services to assist our consumers. This is how you may fix various sections of your home. So, give us a call to receive our service with complete satisfaction.


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