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Roofing Services Miami Coral Gables FL

When you require roofing services, there is no better option than us. We cover all areas of roofing to provide a complete package to our customers. If you need a roof inspection service, we are here to facilitate you. Meanwhile, you can utilize our service for roof leak repair. Our roof repair service includes all kinds of damage to a roof. Whether it’s a leakage problem or breakage, we’ll fix it. However, you can use our service to check different types of roofs. We also provide flat roof services considering its unique structure. Our experts will utilize suitable resources according to the requirement.

Roof Renovations Miami Coral Gables FL

If you want to improve your roof, you can rely on our roof renovations. You can replace your old roof with the latest styles of the roof. Therefore, we offer shingle roof services based on classic designs. You can utilize each design according to the theme of your place. You can also use our wood shake services if you prefer a dusky look. However, we facilitate our customers with skylight installation. It will allow you to have access to natural light in your home. As a result, you can save a high cost on your energy bills. Further, we can help you with skylight replacement after any damage to the previous. 

Roof Installation Service Miami Coral Gables FL

To ensure a perfect roof installation service, you must consider professional assistance. Therefore, we help our customers with residential roof installation with complete efficiency. We include different types of roofs in our service. That’s how you can choose new roof installation according to your place. Meanwhile, we offer shingle roof installation involving several requirements. We have quality materials and tools to ensure a proper installation. Further, you can avail of our metal roof installation to have a solid shelter for your home. Our team will provide you with a great experience of roof installation service. 

Construction Services Miami Coral Gables FL

We can facilitate any scale of building project with our construction services. Meanwhile, you can avail our general construction services for regular projects. You can take us as the best general construction company for reliable service. If you want to build a home, we can help you with general construction. Further, you can rely on our solid structure to build a large-scale project. We have professional contractors who will manage your project by following the right protocols. However, you can consult with us throughout the procedure to share ideas. Our general contracting services cover all aspects of building. 

About Us

H G Construction INC facilitates its customers with construction services, including roofing services. You can avail of our roof renovations at your home. Meanwhile, we also offer our services in commercial places. There are several types of roofing that you can use to shelter your home or offices. We ensure to utilize the best quality material to provide a premium level of service to our customers. However, our team of professional experts will take care of each service accordingly. You can consult with our staff regarding any queries about roofing. So, connect with us to experience an efficient service at the best prices.


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