Maintain the Security and Your Privacy With Our Reliable CCTV Service in The Bronx NY


CCTV Service The Bronx NY

Security is a vital aspect when it comes to your home or workplace. So, we offer our CCTV installation services for your convenience. We install CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of your home. Furthermore, we also provide our security camera installation services. This service is especially suitable for the workplace to have a look at employees’ activities. Also, this is suitable for houses that need proper security. In addition, we also offer CCTV repair services. When you have cameras, they may also need repair with time. We offer this service to ensure you a sustainable CCTV repair. 

Magnetic Door Locks The Bronx NY

In this service, we offer a wide range of door locks. To ensure security, we offer our outdoor magnetic door lock services. We do this to keep the safety of the house intact. Not to mention what may happen due to the lack of security. In addition, we also offer our services for indoor doors. Interior doors require the security most to keep up the privacy. So, we offer our magnetic interior door lock services for this. Besides this, we also have another option for the safety locks. It involves keyless locks. So, we also provide keyless magnetic lock services. Despite having different door locks, we can also offer you our magnetic glass lock services.

Alarm System Service The Bronx NY

In case of a security violation, we also have our alarm system service for you. This service ensures on a higher level if your security remains intact or not. So, we offer our alarm system installation services for this. We install the alarm system in your house or workplace wherever you require it. In addition, if your alarm system does not work properly, we can repair it for you. We can do this through our alarm system repair services for you. Then comes one of the most important systems; fire alarm systems. We also offer our fire alarm system service for you. Other than this, we can also provide you with our personal alarm system if you require it. 

Intercom System Installation The Bronx NY

We can also provide you with our intercom system services for various purposes. In addition, we install the intercom systems for our clients to ensure fast and efficient communication. We do this through our intercom system installation services. In case your intercom system has stopped working, we can be of good help to you. We can provide you with our intercom system repair services. Apart from this, we can also install a home intercom system for you. It always offers you great help in communicating with your family members if you have a big house or different floors. We do this through our intercom installation services for you.


What Services Does Jones Systems offer in The Bronx NY?

Jones Systems is a credible business name that offers the most reliable security services. You can have our CCTV service to keep the security of your home and workspace intact. Also, you can hire our team to install magnetic door locks to give your space a unique and advanced look. In addition, you may contact our experts to have our alarm system service to safeguard your space. Moreover, our professional experts can also provide you with intercom system installation service in The Bronx NY.

How Can You Get CCTV Service in The Bronx NY?

You can get our CCTV service just by filling out the signup form. In addition, you can even do it by dropping us a call at 917-975-8137 or sharing your queries at our official email address srajthefirst@gmail.com

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About Us

Jones Systems LLC is a security system service provider. We offer residential as well as commercial services and are always just a call away. We ensure to provide CCTV services to maintain the privacy and security of the house. In addition, we also work on different kinds of locks to offer you a safe solution for your safety. You can also contact us to have alarm systems to get through some serious situations. Furthermore, intercom system service is also a part of our service set. It has been years of our service in the industry. During this time, our workers always managed to stay trustable and reliable as our services are. So, contact us today to get more information.


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