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CCTV Service Staten Island NY

You can use our CCTV service to ensure the security of your place. When you have a security system at your home or office, it must be efficient. The concept of security camera installation is to avoid any criminal activities. Meanwhile, it allows you to identify all the actions of any wrong activity. Our CCTV installation services will allow you to get off any security threats. If your system has any errors, we can help you with our CCTV repair services. Therefore, we have a professional team of expert technicians for any sort of CCTV repair. We can facilitate you with operating different variants of security cameras.

Magnetic Door Locks Staten Island NY

Magnetic door locks are a great invention of this modern era. Apart from their accessibility, they improvise safety and privacy. So, you can avail our outdoor magnetic door lock to ensure the safety of your house or office. We have a fine quality magnetic interior door lock. That’s how you maintain privacy in different compartments of any place. Meanwhile, we provide a keyless magnetic lock with the complete installation. Our efficiency will carry each lock installation without any damage to your doors. Furthermore, we can help you with the magnetic glass lock with proper care. 

Alarm System Service Staten Island NY

It is an essential need of any living space. Whether it is an office or home, alarm system service is a need for safety. Therefore, different types of alarm system installation services to our customers. It will help you to be alert for any unfortunate situation that can happen due to fire. You can also contact us if your system is not working properly. Our expert will facilitate you with alarm system repair services. Meanwhile, we cover the whole area for sensors through our fire alarm system service. You can also utilize our personal alarm system for the safety of sensitive areas at your place.

Intercom System Installation Staten Island NY

Intercom system installation is a great addition for full-proof security of your place. That’s how you can identify a person before entering your premises. We provide intercom system installation services using the latest technology. However, there are different types of intercoms that we offer. You can also consult us for your intercom system repair services. Our efficient team will ensure a quality intercom installation at your place. Meanwhile, you can also experience our video intercoms with a visual presentation on the screen. As a result, you will have a proper home intercom system with proper efficiency. 


What Services Does Jones Systems offer in Staten Island NY?

You can have our intercom system installation service from our expert team, here at Jones Systems. More so, we can provide you with our alarm system service for the safe side, in case something unexpected happens out of nowhere. In addition, you can also reach out to us to get our magnetic door locks. Moreover, you can also feel free to get our trusted CCTV service in Staten Island NY.

How Can You Get Alarm System Service in Staten Island NY?

You may feel free to get our alarm system service just by signing up through our form. Also, you may contact our team of experts at 917-975-8137 or srajthefirst@gmail.com.

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About Us

Jones Systems LLC is an efficient company to have reliable security systems. We provide a complete package of different security systems for the proper security of your place. Meanwhile, we utilize the best technology and quality equipment to ensure the efficiency of our service. Our alarm system service will keep you aware of any fire hazard. Further, our CCTV installation services will help you to ensure safety. All these services are based on our reliable systems technology. We have an experienced team of professional technicians that facilitate you right away. You can contact us now and learn more about our services.


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