Prime Gear Repair is an industrial equipment repair service provider that has been fixing equipment since 1997. The company has established a reputation for delivering top-quality services, products, and craftsmanship. We offer cost-effective solutions for grinding, machining, and polishing industrial equipment.

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Affordable Services with Years of Warranty!

The best thing about our company that sets us apart from the competitors is the quality of our services and the warranty that we offer. We ensure the highest quality parts installation and offer 24-48 months of warranty for all our installation and repair works. All our services are affordable, with free pick-up and delivery in the US for all sizes, weights, and shapes of products. With us, you can save time and money.

With over twenty years of professional experience, you can count on us to deliver a prompt service, whether we are doing helical gear repair work or fabricating parts.

Gearbox Repair

Falk Gearbox Repair

Helical Gear

Grinder Blades Sharpening

Injection Molding Repair

Screws and Barrel repair


Gearbox Repair Houston TX

Our vast expertise makes us qualified to handle Gearboxes from different manufacturers. Our gearbox repair services are ISO standards certified. We offer unique style re-cutting, rebuilding, and reconditioning services for various gear types and brands, including helical gear, Falk gearbox, and Cleveland gearbox. Contact us now for the best gearbox repair Houston TX services.

Grinding and Sharpening Blades Houston TX

The experts at Prime Gear Repair have the grinding capabilities for every type of sharpening blade. This process is crucial to keep the blades in good shape, i.e. sharp, refined, and in a shape that is appropriate for the designed purpose. We focus on each detail and deliver precise results efficiently. Schedule your appointment with our experts for our grinding and sharpening blades Houston TX services now.

Pump Repair Houston TX

Just like every tool, the pumps in your industry also need maintenance to ensure proper functioning. These pumps are hidden beneath the walls and floors, making the owners often forget about their maintenance. Prime Gear Repair is the best company to contact for pump maintenance and pump repair Houston TX services.


Screws and Barrel Repair Houston TX

The technicians at Prime Repair Gear specialize in fixing various types of screws and barrels. We use cutting-edge tools and technologies to deliver long-lasting solutions. So, if you are looking for licensed professionals to provide screws and barrel repair Houston TX, we have got you covered with our superb quality and affordable services.

Shear Blade Sharpening Houston TX

Even the sharpest and the finest blades become blunt with time. Using blades with dull edges requires more pressure that compromises and slows down the work process. Keeping sharp edges allows you to work effectively and efficiently. It also extends the life of the blade. Book our shear blade sharpening Houston TX services today.

Industrial Equipments Suppliers Houston TX

Is broken equipment hurting your work productivity? If yes, then you have come to the right place. At Prime Gear Repair, we offer reliable industrial suppliers Houston TX at affordable rates. We also offer professional evaluation, warranties, and performance tests of the repair work.

About Us!

Prime Gear has been serving the industrial sector In Houston TX since its opening in 1997. We are committed to providing top-quality repair services for industrial equipment. Furthermore, we are also an industrial equipment supplier and offer up to 48 months of warranty. For us, customer satisfaction is the utmost priority. To ensure that our customers are completely satisfied, our experts are willing to go above and beyond.

Following are the areas we serve in:

Your trust is our top concern!

The best gearbox supplier company in town. They are very professional and ensure timely delivery of the goods. 10/10 for the customer service.
Ernest L.
I availed their blade sharpening service, and I am very satisfied with their services. Their work around the quick turnaround. I will surely use their services again in the future.
Ross E.
When one of the gearboxes in our plant started having problems and became noisy, we got it repaired by Prime gear repair. They did a great job at fixing it.
James K.

About Us!

Prime Gear has been serving the industrial sector In Houston TX since its opening in 1997. We are committed to providing top-quality repair services for industrial equipment.

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