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Don's Mobile Locks provides the lock installation and gives you the complete freedom of living a secure life inside your home. The newly developed place needs the most efficient lock installation to guarantee a safe stay in that area. One can get to the next level of security by getting master keying services. This way, you can save the trouble of getting the jingling of keys every time they go. Meanwhile, one can get our services for their automobiles as well. If you think the lock or key is old and for better activity, we offer an automotive key replacement to change it. So, connect with us to read more about our car door lock repair services.

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Get the Locks that are Worth Your Money

Don's Mobile Locks provides the most effective lock services. We want our clients to never stress over the security issue. Thus we offer lock changing services. When you think it is time to get a more efficient lock, get our 24 hour emergency lock services. When they find themselves unable to locate the car key, we offer a helping hand to our people via car and building lockout Service. You will see that our locksmith will take no time to come to your location and provide our vehicle lockout service. Moreover, we offer the latest locking devices like our Mul-T-Lock Keys. You can also confirm that your mailbox can never be opened by someone other than you. It can happen with our mailbox lock services. 

Commercial Locksmith

Get the services of our experts for your business property and allow entry to authorized persons only.

Urgent Calls

One also finds our emergency locksmith helpful when they find themselves without a key.

Residential Locksmith

We provide the best locks to ensure that your home is safe from the risk of any intrusion and theft.

Our Services

Locksmith Service Mesa AZ

We provide a service that can be extremely useful to you if you are looking forward to making any changes to your locks. A door is a barrier in any place, and locks make sure that the barrier has authorization to let only certain people enter through it. Locks are designed based on the condition and the activities taking place. So, for a company owner, the locks they want are different, and so does the locksmith. We have a commercial locksmith for that purpose. However, our residential locksmith is here to guide you to make locks for your home and ensure that you have taken the best security measures. In case of any emergency, like forgetting a key, an emergency locksmith is what you need. An automotive locksmith makes locks that only the driver can unlock and save them from any kind of hacking by the intruders.

Key Service Mesa AZ

One can update the existing lock and key system of the house by taking us to rekey services. This way, you will get the guarantee that there will be no trespassing inside your residence. Furthermore, one can get our key duplication service to get another pair of keys and keep it safe for emergencies. We do not want you to stress if your key gets broken and stuck inside the lock, as we can perform broken key extraction without harming the lock frame. Now thinking about making a new key because the old one got rusted. We are to do automotive key replacement for you. Meanwhile, such a car owner that needs a new key because the old one is missing gets our help. Our locksmiths never let you waste any time as they can perform lost car key replacement in no time.

Lock Repair & Installation Mesa AZ

We are a facility that is always here to help you in getting authentic locks and keys. If you see that lock got damaged as a result of any accident then allow us to do the lock repairing service. You will appreciate our lock repair service as we will make it look like it never took any damage. The safety of a place owner’s responsibility, and you can trust us to make it possible for you. Meanwhile, for new homeowners, the first thing they look for is a new locks installation. Our team is here to perform it for you. This way, you know that you need to take proper safety measures. Further, we ensure that you get complete control over the safety of your house and loved ones. For any lock installation, reach out to us because we have locks from traditional to the latest designs. Tell us your preference and get the best results.

Car Lock Service Mesa AZ

Making your car safe and secure is our top priority, and for that we have experts. If ever get in trouble with a broken ignition lock and have no worries as you will get the ignition repair locksmith right away. They will do the car key ignition repair services and give you the satisfaction that there will be no problem with the lock again. Moreover, you must update the lock on the door of your vehicle as it ensures that only the key owner can unlock the car. Though with a broken lock, one is giving access to his car to every other person. We can’t let that happen to you, and to prevent it, provide car door lock repair services. However, with the advancements in technology, everyone is upgrading the security level of their possessions. One can get our car key remote services and prevent any break-in as a result of using a duplicate key.

Key Programming Mesa AZ

In today’s highly modernized world, it is easy for someone to get the key for your lock or open it via some tactic. Modern software can prevent the occurrence of house invasions or attempted robberies to a great extent. Therefore, taking our rekeying services is necessary. To get the relief that only you and the people you trust have the new keys now is one way to do it. The super secure way to provide security to your car is getting the remote head key. It contains a mechanism that asks your car for permission to get opened, and when the car recognizes the key only then does it get unlocked. Meanwhile, we provide master keying services as well. The rise of technology has given us the best solution for replacing the old key and lock methods with the latest Mul-T-Lock Keys. Now, you can forget about the drilling of the locks or it getting picked by any other key.

Lockout Services Mesa AZ

If you are in one of those situations where you have forgotten your key in the car, we can prevent the situation from getting any worse by providing our car lockout service. Tell us the location where you are present with your locked car and get the help of our locksmith immediately. The tools our experts will use to unlock your key bear no harm to your car. Trust our vehicle lockout service to be of support in times of need. We can also help you if you are locked outside of your place, we will let you in your house, and if you think that for better security lock replacement is required. Then we do that as well in our building lockout service. One can also save the contents of a mailbox by getting an authentic lock for it. We are here to provide mailbox lock services and the key’s owner can use it to open the lock.

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For Our Upgraded Services

Our company provides all kinds of lock fixing and repairing services. Our experts perform credible work that lasts long and validates your entry in place as an owner. You will find our services extremely useful as we also provide car key remote services. The conventional methods of locking your car with a key can easily be broken. Though, the remote head key with its highly monitored software can be the end of all vehicle thefts. Furthermore, for restoring any issue in the ignition lock, we have an ignition repair locksmith. Our customers always find our car key ignition repair services useful for maintaining the locking mechanism of your car.

Automotive Locksmith

Change the conventional ways of locking your car with the new and more locking mechanisms.

Rekeying services

Get your keys with efficient reshaping today to ensure that only you have access to the locks of your place.

Lost Car Key Replacement

We are here for broken key extraction and to get the new key or get the key duplication service to one in a spare.

Lock Repair Service

If there is some issue with the working of your lock as we can easily do lock repairing to make it work great again.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Don's Mobile Locks Offer in Mesa AZ?

Don’s Mobile Locks provide lock-making and repair services. Below have mentioned the category of our services:

Locksmith Service

  • Commercial Locksmith
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Emergency Locksmith
  • Automotive Locksmith

Key Service

  • Rekey Services
  • Key Duplication Service
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Automotive Key Replacement
  • Lost Car Key Replacement

Lock Repair & Installation

  • Lock repairing
  • Lock Repair Service
  • New Locks Installation
  • Lock Installation

Car Lock Service

  • Ignition repair locksmith
  • Car Door Lock Repair Services
  • Car Key Remote Services
  • Car Key Ignition Repair Services

Key Programming

  • Rekeying services
  • Remote Head Key
  • Master Keying Services
  • Mul-T-Lock Keys

Lockout Services

  • Car lockout Service
  • Mailbox Lock Services
  • Vehicle Lockout Service
  • Building Lockout Service
How Can You Get Our Locksmith Service in Mesa AZ?

You can get our locksmith service by calling us at 480-874-3303. One can also email us at and get all their questions related to our services answered by the representatives.

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What Does it Mean by a Master Keying Services?

It means that the service provider will make you a master key that can open any lock inside your place. Therefore, one can have full safety of their house in their hands and a person never has to bring a whole bunch of keys with them.

What are the Benefits of a Remote Head Key?

It is like a remorse that is attached to a key, it contains a transmitter that gives a signal to the lock system of your car. If the receiver inside the car acknowledges it, only the car gets unlocked. That’s how you can prevent the break in your car.

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