Create a Statement by Giving Your Home a New Look with Our Door Hardware & Paint in Houston TX!

Fantastic Door Refinish is a trusted source that offers reliable door installation services that may enhance your home. More so, we have always strived to come up with innovative solutions to cater to door adjustment and replacement issues. In addition, we ensure the use of advanced tools and the latest techniques to perform doors repair and restoration services. Moreover, we have certified experts in our team having extensive industry experience that keeps them aware of the product quality standards.

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Create a Statement with Our Viable Door Services

Fantastic Door Refinish is a trusted source that offers door hardware and paint service. In addition, we also offer residential door installation service for our potential customers. More so, we have certified professionals in our team who are qualified enough to know the quality standards as they have been a part of the industry. You can approach them to get our fantastic door refinishing service. To put forth, you can have our viable service for door repair and adjustments through just a call. However, you can feel free to reach out to our proficient team to have our reliable hardware refurbishing/upgrade service when in need.

Certified Team

The team that we have on board is officially certified due to which they are entrusted.

Sustainable Solutions

Our experienced workers opt for sustainable solutions that are easy to carry out.

Advanced Techniques

The implementation of advanced tools and techniques makes the tasks even easier.

Our Services

Door Hardware & Paint Houston TX

We offer hardware installation and hardware refurbishing/upgrade services to ensure the safety of your house. More so, our hardware replacement service can help you revive your hardware. In addition, our doors staining/painting service can enhance your door. You can also have our exterior doors/interior doors service to maintain both of the spaces. Moreover, to get our door weather stripping service, you may contact our professionals. They can also provide you with viable service of vinyl doors/copperdoor. Meanwhile, we have introduced our front door security hardware service lately. You can have our smart locks installation and door stops installation service for them to ensure privacy. However, we can also provide the best peepholes installation and door knocks installation service for you.

Door Installation Houston TX

If you want to install the doors in your house, you may have our door installation service. We offer this service for different types of doors that are on trend and stay in demand. To put forth, you can have our glass insert installation service to make your inner space look spacious. In addition, we offer threshold installation to properly seal your floor which will prevent water damage. Furthermore, you may also have a kick plate installation service to ensure the safety of doors. Moreover, our storm door installation can save your door maintenance cost. Besides this, you can also have our security door installation to keep the invaders away from violating your privacy. However, you may drop us a call anytime to have our safe residential door installation service to ensure safety and security.

Doors Repair & Restoration Houston TX

If you want to have our service for door repair and restoration, you can get in touch with us. We offer fantastic door refinishing services to give the doors of your house a new look. More so, you may feel free to get our front door restoration service. In addition, we offer the most reliable front door repair service that you can get to revive the existing front door of your house. Moreover, we also offer reliable rotting wood repair services for our potential customers. You may drop us a call anytime to also have our reliable door jamb repair service. However, feel free to reach out to our professional team anytime during our working hours.

Door Adjustment & Replacement Houston TX

If you like to keep things maintained, you can get our door adjustment and replacement services. In this, we offer a front door replacement service to replace your existing front door. Meanwhile, our door sweeps installation service is also something you can have from our experts. You may also get our glass replacement service if you want to change the old glass with a new one. However, you may feel free to get in touch with our team to get front door adjustments. Besides this, we are just a step away from serving you right with our door repair & adjustments service. So, you may get in contact with our team to have our viable door services.

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What Makes Us Unique

Here at Fantastic Door Refinish, you can get kick plate installation and security door installation services. To put forth, we also offer front door replacement and adjustments that you can get by reaching out to us. Moreover, our priority is to use the most advanced tools and the latest techniques to create a difference in your house. So, you can also have our smart locks and peepholes installation service.

Usage of Advanced Tools

Our priority is to bring in the use of advanced tools that may lead to effective results.

Variety of Door Services

Here, we offer a variety of door services that you can get just through a call.

Guaranteed Service Credibility

When you hire our team, we make sure to keep a keen eye when it comes to performing services.

Assured Customer Satisfaction

Our service quality and the determination of our team help us achieve customer satisfaction every time.

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Fantastic Door Refinish
Frequently Asked Questions

Fantastic Door Refinish is a trusted name that offers a variety of door services which include,


Door Hardware & Paint

  •  Hardware Installation and Replacement
  •  Hardware Refurbishing/Upgrade
  •  Front Door Security Hardware
  •  Exterior / Interior
  •  Stain / Paint
  •  Weather Stripping
  •  Vinyl / Copperdoor
  •  Smart Locks and Peepholes
  •  Door Stops and Door Knocks

Doors Repair & Restoration

  • Fantastic Door Refinishing
  •  Front Door Restoration
  •  Front Door Repair
  •  Rotting Wood Repair
  •  Door Jamb Repair

Door Adjustment & Replacement

  • Front Door Replacement
  •  Door Sweeps
  •  Glass Replacement
  •  Front Door Adjustments
  •  Door Repair & Adjustments

Door Installation

  • Glass Insert Installation
  •  Threshold Installation
  •  Kick Plate Installation
  •  Storm Door Installation
  •  Security Door Installation
  •  Residential Door Installation

You can get reliable door hardware and paint service in Houston TX by reaching out to us at our email address Also, you can contact us at our number 832-964-5535.

You should hire our team for door installation because we have a team of certified individuals on board. To put forth, they have also served for several years in the industry which makes them experienced in what they do.

If you want to revive the appearance of your home, you can start by replacing the front door. Here we offer a viable front door replacement service through which our professionals replace the existing front door of your house effortlessly. All you need to do is reach out.

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