We Offer Appliance Repair Services to Increase Lifespan of Electronic Items in Scarsdale NY!


Appliance Repair Services Scarsdale NY

We have a team of expert workers that is capable of fixing any kind of electronic item at your home. However, the garbage disposal is not a fancy appliance that you will have in your kitchen. Whereas, it is the most important thing you should keep in your kitchen. We offer garbage disposal repair so you can put the garbage in a single place. We know you want to preserve food in the freezer, but due to fault, you cannot. Do not worry, contact us for freezer repair. If your ice maker is not working properly, then we can provide an ice maker repair service at an affordable cost. We are experts in providing refrigerator repair services.

Oven Repair Service Scarsdale NY

Our team can fix any kind of problem related to the oven. So, you can warm or cook delicious food again. We offer a complete electric oven repair service. Electric ovens are the best for home appliances, they maintain the temperature of your kitchen. We provide gas oven repair service. So, it can create moist heat again, which is better for cooking roasted items. For toaster oven repair you can contact us. Our team increases the efficiency of toasters through quality services. If your microwave is consuming a lot of energy and not working properly then contact us for microwave repair.

Dryer Repair Service Scarsdale NY

If the dryer is showing fault then it will not work. It is better to repair it in a short time unless it will create a big problem. We offer an electric dryer repair service, so it can run for a longer period without any problem. Note: do not use an electric dryer if it is not working. A gas dryer repair also enhances the performance of the dryer, and from our service, the chance of static cling decreases. We provide full servicing of the gas dryer. Our team offers dryer vent repair solutions to our valuable clients. We fix the dryer so it can pick the moisture efficiently. In ventless dryer repair, we change every required element in the machine.

Dishwasher Repair Scarsdale NY

You can avail dishwasher repair service. In dishwasher rack repair, we replace or repair the rack. For a better finish, our team coats the rack with quality paint. It also protects the rack from rust. The broken seal will create issues while opening and closing the door of the dishwasher. We instantly offer dishwasher seal repair so the door will open and close accurately. We have professional engineers that use advanced machines to offer commercial dishwasher repair services. So, you can use the machine at restaurants and other places without any problem. We repair and change front control dishwashers to retain their beauty.

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PDR Appliance Service offers maintenance of home appliances for over decades. We can fix Dishwashers, Dryer Machines, Refrigerators, and other home appliances of any brand. Our team uses the quality skills and years of experience to enable them to serve the best. Each expert employee is certified and licensed. Along with that, our team takes responsibility for public liability insurance. Just like the quality services, we also recommend our clients use factory certified parts for better performance. Our team inspects every item professionally and then tells you the repair cost. If any of your home appliances are not working properly, then you can contact us for a repair service.


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