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Appliance Repair Services Greenwich CT

Being an appliance service provider, we offer various appliance repair services. If you have any appliance, it may require timely repair. To provide you with a solution to get over this issue, we offer garbage disposal repair services for you. Furthermore, the refrigerator is one of the primary household appliances. For this, we offer refrigerator repair services for you. In addition, if the freezers do not work well, they may trouble your food and everything that is stored in it. That is for, we offer our freezer repair service. Moreover, it often happens that the ice maker stops working for any reason. So, we provide ice maker repair services for this.

Oven Repair Service Greenwich CT

In our oven repair services, we deal with different types of ovens. In addition, electric ovens are good at pre heating. They may require some repair with time. So, we got our electric oven repair service for you. Furthermore, the microwave is an appliance that saves a lot of your time. If it stops functioning normally, you may need to repair it. That is because we got our microwave repair service for you. Other than this, toasters are one of those appliances that make baking and toasting easier. If they get a fault, it may bother you. To make things easier for you, we got our toaster oven repair service for you. Moreover, we also provide gas oven repair service for you. 

Dryer Repair Service Greenwich CT

We also got our dryer repair services. In which we deal with different types of dryers. Put this forth, gas dryers are one of the most cost effective and affordable appliances. If it loses the pace of its functionality, we got our gas dryer repair service for this. More to this, electric dryers are also another most efficient household appliance. If they get wrong, we got our electric dryer repair services for you. The most effective option of all, ventless dryers need less maintenance. Also, they are easier to install. So, we also offer a ventless dryer repair service. However, we also got our dryer vent repair service for you.

Dishwasher Repair Greenwich CT

We also got our dishwasher repair services for you. In this, the dishwasher rack comes first. Dishwasher racks may get rusty with time or need some repair. We provide our dishwasher rack repair service for this. In addition, the dishwasher seal may also require some repair. To deal with this issue, we provide our dishwasher seal repair service. Furthermore, we also deal with commercial dishwashers. They are more efficient in cleaning and do it in an even shorter time. If there is any issue, we can resolve this issue through our commercial dishwasher repair service. Moreover, we also offer our services for front control dishwashers.

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PDR Appliance Service is a business; they are known as the providers of appliance services. They deal with different appliances and work on their parts. In case you run out of options and do not know what to do next. You can call us right then and there. Our set of services has a great variation. We majorly deal with household appliances and understand that not only are they fundamental but they also save time. Be it the dryers, dishwashers, or ovens, we have our expertise in all of them. You can contact us if the appliances at your home are not functioning. Also, if they need some repair, we are just a step away. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can help you.


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