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Windows are part of the exterior as well as the interior structure of the house. They are the source of ventilation. There are different structures of windows, and thus various designs are available in blinds. One great example is thin blinds for windows. They have narrow slats so only a moderate amount of light comes. When closed completely, the heat that comes via light is completely blocked out. Some windows are a bit typical to cover, and specific blinds are made for them. Like blinds for shallow windows. Another kind of window cover that is made specifically for their appropriate windows are shades for tilt and turn windows. If you have oriel windows then you certainly want the best covers for them, for such windows, window treatment for bay windows is an excellent choice. Further, you can explore to see what categories of blinds we have in store.



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Our Blinds Ensure a Soothing Environment at Your Place!

Fenstermann LLC is a company that provides blinds for your windows. Now there are many reasons to check our collection of window shades. Though two of them are the most important. Firstly, the material that is used in the making of our blinds is of standard quality. Secondly, one can find blinds for windows of any style. There are also different ways to install a blind. Like, inside mount window blinds are provided to fix them inside the window frame. The thing needed to accurately prepare them is inside mount blinds depth. Once we get that, you can have your blinds get ready in no time. Other than this, we offer narrow window blinds as well. So, connect with us and explore our blind varieties.

Classic Blinds

Our blinds complement the beautiful structure of your windows and go well with the interior of your house.

Highly Skilled Staff

We know when you need an expert’s advice, and we have a whole staff of such people to guide you properly.

Customer’s Satisfaction

We aim to provide a product that can fulfill the client’s needs, and for that, our clients always appreciate us.

Window Fashion Made in Germany

Our Services

Thin Blinds For Windows

Thin Blinds For Windows
Los Angeles CA

When people show concern regarding the hanging of blinds, we show them our inside mount window blinds. You can install them inside the window frame. This way, the blinds completely cover your windows and also leave no room for peeking from the outside. Meanwhile, to ensure that you will get the right size blinds, measure the inside mount blinds depth correctly. The blinds that we provide for you get ready based on these measurements. Once you get them in the precise size then installation becomes a quick process. The other type of shade that we offer is our narrow window blinds. They are for those windows that are quite sleek in their width and long in their height.

Blinds For Shallow Windows

Blinds For Shallow Windows
Los Angeles CA

Windows vary in their structures and functions. Some even perform dual operations like tilt and turn windows. For this type, the covers we suggest you use are our blinds for tilt and turn windows. You will find many varieties in them, and the hardware of these blinds is of standard production. They are not easily damaged by any slight impact. Furthermore, the shade you will get in the room is complete, and the effect is soothing. The doors that let the light and heat in might cause trouble in summer. Therefore, we have blinds for folding doors that can cover the doors effectively. When properly fixed, our shades for folding doors look amazing.

Shades For Tilt And Turn Windows

Shades For Tilt And Turn Windows
Los Angeles CA

Our objective is to provide the greatest caliber of blinds so that the appearance of our client’s houses will be increased. We may also design unique blinds for folding doors to enhance the curb appeal of our client’s front door. Furthermore, we have been serving consumers for a long time, our clients will receive quality blinds. We offer our clients different colors when they choose shades for folding doors. Additionally, we offer good customer care when consumers select our blinds for tilt and turn windows. To make your windows look more appealing, you may purchase all blinds for a reasonable price.

Window Treatment For Bay Windows

Window Treatment For Bay Windows Los Angeles CA

The house looks magnificent with oriel windows, the view they give to your room is mesmerizing. If you want blinds that can prevent the sunlight without hiding their look, you can get this feature in our blinds. In addition to our window treatments for shallow windows, we provide window treatment for French doors. They are designed while keeping the excellent look of the French doors in mind, so they seem like a part of them that gives shade. One can check our stock of these blinds in different variations, colors, and styles and get one that goes well with the doors. Now to cover the skylights, we have introduced our pretty blinds for skylights.

why choose us

To Get the Authentic Quality Blinds

Our company ensures you that you will never find a single fault in the way our blinds are made and perform their function. Such as our blinds for shallow depth windows. There are many styles and colors you will find in our window treatments for shallow windows. They are styles to give people the convenience of installing blinds for shallow windows. Next are our blinds for windows with no depth, an excellent option for such windows. Get your room the soothing shade by getting our blinds for tilt and turn windows. Not just the windows, but we also take care of your doors. Especially designed shades for folding doors are for this purpose.

Years of Experience

We are helping our customers find the right blinds, so they can install them with complete accuracy.

Easy to Get Assistance

One can get our assistance as we are only a phone call away to clear any query about our blinds.

Shallow Mount Window Treatments

There will be no use of any heavy tool that might cause any fault in the window frame and blinds during the installation.

Blinds for Folding Doors

The blinds are necessary to cover your folding doors because the glass pane on the door brings excessive light in. 

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Fenstermann LLC
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Fenstermann LLC Provide in Los Angeles CA?

Fenstermann LLC offers shades for windows of all sizes and styles in Los Angeles CA. Below have mentioned the names of all the categories of blinds that we provide:


Thin Blinds for Windows

  • Inside Mount Blinds Depth
  • Narrow Window Blinds
  • Inside Mount Window Blinds


Blinds for Shallow Windows

  • Blinds for Shallow Depth Windows
  • Shallow Mount Blinds
  • Shallow Mount Window Treatments
  • Blinds for Windows with no Depth


Shades for Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Blinds for Folding Doors
  • Shades for Folding Doors
  • Blinds for Tilt and Turn Windows


Window Treatment for Bay Windows

  • Window Treatment for French Doors
  • Blinds for Skylights
  • Window Treatments for Shallow Windows
How Can You Get Our Window Treatments for Shallow Windows in Los Angeles CA?

You can get our window treatments for shallow windows by contacting us at 619-665-9446. You can also get us at, and our representatives will answer your queries.

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Why Do I Need Blinds for Skylights?

Skylight shades bring a cool environment inside the room as the heat entrance is covered efficiently. This way, you can have an optimal temperature during excessive heating months. Blinds like Venetian and roller ones are great for skylights.

Why Should I Get Your Blinds for Tilt and Turn Windows?

Windows with tilt and turn mechanisms will be covered well in our blinds as they are distinctively prepared for them. The mounting on the blinds is easy, and they won’t come in the way of the windows.

Blinds For Shallow Windows
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