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Tile Installation Crestwood KY

Tile installation requires high efficiency and the right effort to ensure a perfect flooring experience. We’ll make sure to install your tiles in the right way by using the best quality material. So, you can have our porcelain tile installation service with a premium finish. When it comes to glass tile installation, we ensure proper flooring with the safety of these expensive tiles. Meanwhile, our wide collection of marble tile installation can help you with classic floor covering. Ceramic tile tradition is never getting old and we have some premium designs for ceramic tile installation. However, we have an expert team of tile installers that will ensure efficient installation. 

Tile Refinishing Crestwood KY

Apart from installation tile refinishing has its own significance. When you refinish your tiles, their texture gets smooth. Meanwhile, the overlook of the place is also enhanced with this refinishing. That’s why we offer our customers ceramic tile refinishing for different places of your place. Our expert tile installers will improve your bathroom appearance through bathroom tile refinishing. However, we can also repair your broken bathtub through our bathtub refinishing service. Kitchens always need some creative combination and high-quality finish. So, you can also avail our kitchen tile refinishing service. 

Flooring Service Crestwood KY

There are several options to cover your floor with different materials and textures of flooring. Each type of flooring service has its uniqueness and it depends upon people’s preferences. Hardwood flooring services are one of the common types of flooring that gives an aesthetic vibe to your place. Meanwhile, laminate flooring services have specific designs and structures that make them unique. On the other hand, vinyl flooring service is also a great option to cover your floor with ease. However, there are several options for covering your kitchen floor and we can provide you with some remarkable kitchen flooring services. 

Tile Designs Crestwood KY

If you want to make your flooring experience memorable and astonishing, your tile designs must be elegant and creative. So, you are in the perfect place where you can get custom tile design with high-quality finishing. We offer all types of floor tile designs including a premium range of ceramic tile design. Meanwhile, we have also categorized the tiles according to the specific areas of a place. You can explore our wide range of shower tile design to give a luxurious look to your bathroom. Further, you can have the always in trend subway tile design and they are much more suitable for your kitchen counter walls.      

Tile Backsplash Crestwood KY

A tile backsplash is the best way to cover your kitchen walls and save them from smoke spots while cooking. Further, a kitchen backsplash enhances the overall appearance of your kitchen through classic designs. Among various varieties of backsplash, you can have our ceramic tile backsplash. We have some extraordinary designs in this category. Meanwhile, we also offer a glass tile backsplash which provides a quietly dignified finish to your kitchen. Apart from the kitchen, you can also try our bathroom backsplash. The heavy stone tile backsplash is now trending while utilizing a backsplash for the bathroom. 

D&K Tile LLC | FAQs
What Services Does D&K Tile LLC Offer in Crestwood KY?

D&K Tile LLC aims to facilitate its customers with hassle-free tile installation service. To put it further, we can also provide you with a tile refinishing service. More so, you can also have the most unique tile backsplash that can make your kitchen more appealing. In addition, we also offer different tile designs that can enhance your kitchen space to the fullest. However, if you want reliable assistance with the flooring service of your house, we got you. You can have our service just through a call in Crestwood KY.

How Can You Get Tile Refinishing Services in Crestwood KY?

You can get our tile refinishing services by contacting us at our contact number 502-314-4446 or our email address dandktilelou@gmail.com.

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About Us

We possess a wide range of collections for different categories of tiles. Meanwhile, we ensure that each tile of our company meets the premium level of quality. You can have our tiles for different places in your home. We also provide custom-designed tiles according to the given ideas of our clients. However, we have a professional staff that will suggest to you which type of tile is better for your place. The objective of D&K Tile LLC is to provide qualified tiles to its customers, so they can have elegant flooring service. We have trained our tile installers with all the latest techniques and tools. From suitable tile selection to tile installation, we provide you with a fully satisfactory service. We encourage you to contact us and try our exceptional service. 



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