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Tile Installation Jeffersontown KY

Today, tile installation is the most popular method for flooring due to its extensive designs and high finishing. The great thing about tiles is that you have multiple types and designs to choose from. Meanwhile, we offer our customers porcelain tile installation covering a wide area. However, glass tile installation gives such an elegant finish to your floor surface. You can also experience our marble tile installation in different styles. However, we have a wide range of designs for ceramic tile installation. You can have any of these installations through our company. Our skilled tile installers will provide you with a great experience. 

Tile Refinishing Jeffersontown KY

Just like the installation, you should never compromise on tile refinishing. Meanwhile, the refinishing process is sensitive as it may damage the tile. Our expert tile installers will refinish your tiles efficiently to provide a smooth surface. We offer all ceramic tile refinishing for all places. You can have our bathroom tile refinishing. The ceramics in your kitchen requires polishing from time to time. That’s why we provide kitchen tile refinishing for a pure texture. However, you can also contact us for your bathtub refinishing. We have an experienced team of tile experts. We use efficient machines to provide you with a quality experience. 

Flooring Service Jeffersontown KY

You must need flooring service to cover the ground while constructing a new place, whether commercial or residential. However, hardwood flooring has its own elegance if you use high-quality wooden slates. We’ll ensure to provide you with a great experience of hardwood flooring services. Meanwhile, you can have our kitchen flooring services based on different types. Apart from that, our vinyl flooring service is also a good option for having a smooth surface. Further, you can also try our laminate flooring services to cover the floor of different spaces in your house. However, we have trained our team to provide you with a perfect flooring service while utilizing efficient techniques. 

Tile Designs Jeffersontown KY

The main concern before tile installation is to choose the suitable tile designs for your floor. You must consult with some professionals to get a better idea for that purpose. However, we offer different types of ceramic tile design to facilitate our customers. Try our subway tile design if you want to decorate your kitchen wall with some aesthetic theme. We also provide shower tiles design to cover the floor of your bathroom. There are plenty of tiles available in floor tile designs. Meanwhile, we can also design the tiles according to your ideas by utilizing our custom tile design methods.                                 

Tile Backsplash Jeffersontown KY

A tile backsplash is the best option to cover your walls from constant layers of dirt. However, there are different types of backsplash. It’s up to you which one you find suitable for your kitchen backsplash. Currently, ceramic tile backsplash is the most popular style with creative designs. Further, you can also experience our glass tile backsplash with proper finishing. However, we also provide a bathroom backsplash to secure your walls from the steam bath and other factors. The stone tile backsplash is becoming popular due to its unique style and elegant look. 

D&K Tile LLC | FAQs
What Services Does D&K Tile LLC Offer in Jeffersontown KY?

D&K Tile LLC offers the most reliable tile installation service. To put it further, we have also got our trusted tile refinishing service that you can get just through a call. More so, you may call our team to have our tile backsplash of unique designs. In addition, we have got amazing tile designs from which you can choose your favourite one. However, you may feel free to also have our flooring service in Jeffersontown KY.

How Can You Get the Best Tile Designs in Jeffersontown KY?

You can get the best tile designs by reaching out to us at our contact number 502-314-4446 or our email address dandktilelou@gmail.com.

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About Us

D&K Tile LLC is growing rapidly due to its quality installation and wide range of tile designs. We provide our services for both commercial and residential projects. There are different types of tile materials and designs that we offer to our customers. Further, our professional staff will provide you with complete guidance in choosing the suitable set of tiles for your floor. Meanwhile, we have a team of exceptional tile installers who know all the details to provide efficient installation. However, you can also have our tile refinishing service. We’ll cover all spaces of your whole place to provide our flooring service. Whether you require tiles or hardwood floors, you can contact us right away. 



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