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Tile Installation Middletown KY

We are the best tile installers in the city till now! Now, you must be wondering what makes us so special, right? Well, it is our amazing range of tile installation plans that we have smartly designed for your home. From porcelain tile installation to the forever classic ceramic tile installation, we have got you covered! Moreover, our team of experts knows exactly how to install the tiles in your home with the most accuracy. Marble tile installation is also one of our best services in Middletown. Whereas, if you are looking for a brighter look, we gladly announce our most chosen glass tile installation for your home. Get it now!

Tile Refinishing Middletown KY

When it comes to tile refinishing, we are the game changer! With our incredible bathroom tile refinishing services, we take pride in claiming a good spot on the list of the best tile refinishers. Similarly, one can never go wrong with our kitchen tile refinishing services. Additionally, we cover the bathtub refinishing for the bathroom services, and ceramic tile refinishing for both, the kitchen and bathroom. If you are willing to know more about how we work our best to get you the best tile refinishing in Middletown, get in touch with us right away! We have a very friendly team of customer care waiting for you!

Flooring Service Middletown KY

No more dull floors in your home! Say goodbye to all the damaged parts of your current floor that give away poor vibes. We are here with our bestselling flooring services ever! If you want laminate flooring services for your kitchen, we have it all for you! You can trust us when it comes to the kitchen flooring services in Middletown properties. Not just that, but our specialties also include vinyl flooring service, tile refinishing, and every other kind of hardwood flooring services that you may need. All that you need to do is call us, and book our services with a free estimate and quote right away!

Tile Designs Middletown KY

Bored of basic tiles? Well, let us tell you that we can creatively design the tiles for you and change them into something super interesting for your home. We offer the finest ceramic tile design and many other custom tile design services. Precisely, this is your chance to say goodbye to the outdated tiles. This can only happen if you let us replace your old-fashioned tiles with the latest floor tile designs. These tile designs also include subway tile design offers. However, one of the most loved tile designs by our customers is the shower tile design that we do for them. Get yours now!

Tile Backsplash Middletown KY

Having a decent tile backsplash in your kitchen is essential. That’s why we are here with the most creative and reliable kitchen backsplash services. You can now choose from the wide array of collections including a glass tile backsplash that will give your kitchen a brighter and glorious look. Whereas, for a more modest and basic look, you can always opt for our ceramic tile backsplash and stone tile backsplash. But, wait! Let us tell you that we are not only limited to kitchen backsplash services. These offers also stand for the bathroom backsplash demands by our clients. Make up your mind, and give us a call.

D&K Tile LLC | FAQs
What Services Does D&K Tile LLC Offer in Middletown KY?

D&K Tile LLC aims to facilitate its clients with a trusted tile installation service. To put it further, we can provide you with a tile refinishing service. Moreover, you may feel free to contact our team to have our reliable flooring service. In addition, we have also got the most appealing tile designs. However, you may feel free to avail of our authentic tile backsplash service in Middletown KY.

How Can You Get Tile Backsplash Service in Middletown KY?

You can get the most trusted tile backsplash service by reaching out to us at 502-314-4446 or dandktilelou@gmail.com.

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About Us

The wait is over! We are here with the most reliable and durable tile installation and flooring services for your property in Middletown. Our vast collection of tiles, including tile backsplash, will be an adventurous journey for you to choose from. However, the special team that we have arranged for customer assistance will completely guide you while you make the choice. D&K Tiles LLC aims to make out the best flooring layout and strategy for you. We make sure to incorporate the latest techniques and technologies in the installation plan. Furthermore, our customer services are solely based on integrity and a good understanding of your requirements and expectations from us. If you want to get a free estimate, we await your call.



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