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Tile Installation Louisville KY

We provide the largest and most diversified selection of tiles for you to pick from. Our porcelain tile installation service is ideal for you if you just want tiles that will endure a long time without being broken. We provide you with the most pocket-friendly glass tile installation for your lovely home if you would like a brighter and more premium style. Our marble tile installation plan, on the other hand, is a traditional and long-lasting solution. For those seeking the most cost-effective solution, ceramic tile installation is also accessible. As a consequence, we are the city’s most dependable tile installers!

Tile Refinishing Louisville KY

Not only do we install tiles, but we also do a lot more! In addition, we also do tile refinishing. D&K Tile LLC will be around to provide you with the best tile refinishing services for any room in your house. Our bathroom tile refinishing service will bring your bathroom’s beauty back to life, just to your liking. Furthermore, our kitchen tile refinishing can provide you with the kitchenette of your aspirations. We don’t simply take care of the flooring and the panels, though. Moreover, we can refinish your bathtub to its former glory with our bathtub refinishing. We’ll take care of every type of tile, from marble tile restoration to ceramic tile refinishing. Call us for a free quotation.

Flooring Service Louisville KY

D&K Tile LLC has developed the most effective hardwood flooring services in Louisville for minimal hassle and simple cleaning floors. Similarly, we provide kitchen flooring services to help you fulfill your vision of a flawless kitchen. If you want a flooring solution that is less expensive and easier to install, we recommend our evergreen laminate flooring services. If, on the other hand, you want a water-resistant floor for your modest house, we would be delighted to provide you with our superior vinyl flooring service packages, which are both premium and timely. You may select any of our flooring options, and we will make every effort to exceed your requirements.

Tile Designs Louisville KY

For your property in KY, D&K Tile LLC provides a range of the most unique and cutting-edge tile patterns. We think it’s important to be inventive. That’s why we build bespoke tiles in such a manner that they radiate only positive energy. We are the ones for you if you want a lovely ceramic tile design for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any other area in your house! You may also take advantage of our expertise in producing the best subway tile design. Aside from that, our team of experts has perfected the art of custom tile design with the most cutting-edge techniques and technology into the most original and amazing shower tile design. Call us right now for more information about floor tile designs.

Tile Backsplash Louisville KY

It’s just as crucial to have a backsplash in your kitchen as it is to have the other fundamental pieces. As a response, we provide the most stylish and long-lasting kitchen backsplash designs and installation services. We have a large selection of ceramic tile backsplash to pick from for a dynamic and fashionable style and make. Not only that, but for a more brilliant touch, you may choose our best-selling glass tile backsplash. We also have a lot of experience with bathroom backsplash. We offer everything you need, from porcelain tile backsplash to stone tile backsplash! Get a free estimate immediately by contacting us! Our customer service staff will be more than delighted to assist you with any questions you may have!

D&K Tile LLC | FAQs
What Services Does D&K Tile LLC Offer in Louisville KY?

D&K Tile LLC offers the most trusted tile installation service. In addition, we have also got a diligent team to provide you with tile refinishing services. More so, you may contact our team to get the best tile designs to bring charm to your kitchen. You can also reach out to us to have the most attractive tile backsplash. Moreover, you may feel free to contact us if you need our flooring service in Louisville KY.

How Can You Get Porcelain Tile Installation in Louisville KY?

You can get our porcelain tile installation service by contacting us at 502-314-4446 or you can email your concerns to dandktilelou@gmail.com.

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About Us

Are you sick of your room’s dull floor? Do you want the most cost-effective tile installation services to give it a more creative and trendier look? If that’s the case, D&K Tile LLC is the company for you! In Louisville, KY, we are the best tile design and installation service providers. Our fantastic panel of professionals develops and creates the perfect tile layout for your residence, while our other team of specialists puts that strategy into action by working tirelessly to install the ideal tiles. However, this does not imply that we will alone choose the tile design for you. We take your needs, requests, and expectations into account at all times. Please contact us for further information and a free estimate. We’d be delighted to help you!



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