Enhance the Interior of Your Vehicle with Our Exceptional Car Interior Detailing Services in Gretna NE!

We are known as one of the most reliable car maintenance companies. Moreover, our first priority is to improve the appearance of your vehicles exceptionally through our car exterior detailing service. Our professional workers facilitate our clients professionally through car interior detailing service. Meanwhile, we have been assisting our clients through our wheel & tire detailing facilities to provide efficient wheels and tires.

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We Offer Exceptional Auto Detailing Services to Our clients!

Sunshine Auto Detail has been upgrading its client’s vehicles with amazing services. If you are looking to improve your car’s outlook, we offer you car scratch removal and car oxidation removal service. Moreover, our professional mechanics perfectly maintain your headlights through our car headlight restoration and car virtual consultation facilities. When our clients come to us for maintaining their car’s interior, we offer them magnificent complete interior detailing, and car vacuuming services. Meanwhile, our customer satisfaction is very important to us, and make your auto’s environment pleasant through car fragrance/air freshener service.

Experienced Team

Our experienced team has complete knowledge about auto maintenance except for tar & bugs removal techniques.

Exceptional Services

We serve our clients efficiently through our amazing car paint protection and tire detailing services and many more based on their needs.

Quality Materials

Our clients will experience top-quality material when we serve them with our wheel & rim detailing service.

Our Services

Car Interior Detailing Gretna NE

Our complete interior detailing service plays a significant role to make our clients traveling more comfortable and enjoyable. When you choose our efficient car interior detailing service, we repair all your interior damages in the best way. Our trained staff will thoroughly wash your car while serving you with our car interior shampoo service. Before washing your car, we use our modern car vacuuming equipment to remove all dust from the inside. Also, you will experience a fresh and pleasant environment after getting our amazing car fragrance/air freshener service. We are here to maintain your autos thoroughly with our services.

Car Exterior Detailing Gretna NE

If you are looking for an efficient car polishing service, our qualified detailing crew serve you with our car polishing service professionally. Moreover, your car faces some scratches due to the presence of particles in the environment or in case of accidents. So, we fix your car exterior perfectly through our car scratch removal service. We remove tiny particles from your car by serving you with our car oxidation removal service. Our clients will get the best outlook after availing of our incredible car waxing service and tree sap removal service. You may also contact us at any time to get our beneficial tar & bugs removal facilities.

Wheel & Tire Detailing Gretna NE

If you are using your vehicle for your daily commute, you have to use an effective wheel & tire detailing service. Moreover, we can improve the appearance of your vehicle by installing amazing tires. For this trending look, we offer our clients exceptional wheel & rim detailing service. Our professional mechanic appropriately restores your headlights while facilitating you with our car headlight restoration service. We have experienced car virtual consultants who are always available to fix your car issues immediately. Meanwhile, we prioritize our client’s satisfaction when we change or repair their tires by using our tire detailing service.

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We Have Every Auto Detail Restoration Service

We are one of the recognized auto detailing companies. Also, our professional car maintenance experts serve clients in the most efficient way to build a strong connection with them. We satisfy our clients 100% by installing and using quality materials. Furthermore, our clients will experience fine-quality results when they choose our car scratch removal service and car oxidation services. We also offer some other auto detailing services to our clients at an affordable rate.

Assured Service Quality

Our motive is to give the best detailing services to our clients while serving with our services.

Use Modern Technology Tools

Our professional staff maintains your car by using modern technology tools.

Increase Your Safety

Our efficient auto detailing services decrease the chance of your accidents due to car malfunction.

Trustworthy Team

Our team has years of experience in the car maintenance field. So, you experience an exceptional result.


Carlos is amazing! He really takes pride in his work and you can see it. We had 3 vehicles done and each one was done in a day's time. I can't recommend this shop enough! You will not regret having your vehicle detailed here! The photos are of my husband's truck. I got it done for his birthday and he will be ecstatic!

April Lorsch

Carlos is the man. He was super responsive to my questions, has great availability (I'm not sure why, because he does such a great job), really fast turnaround time, and super great pricing. I have a big, hairy, slobbery dog that I used to take to doggy day care every day, so ever since COVID and working from home, I haven't touched the inside of my car because I barely use it up until now. His hair and drool basically acted like superglue to my interior. Carlos made my car look almost brand new. He did the outside as well, and the only thing to point out is that my license plate is still dusty, but that's because of my license plate cover. This isn't anything that Carlos missed.

Lee Reiff

Carlos was very professional and did a great job detailing interior and exterior of my vehicle. We have dogs, and prior to the detailing there was pet hair everywhere, but it was spotless upon completion. He was there when he said he’d be there and completed the job on time and to our specifications which is a rare trait any more. We will be back in the future. Thank you and keep doing great work!

Andre A

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What Services Does Sunshine Auto Detail Offer in Gretna NE?

    Car Interior Detailing:

    We wipe out your car surface properly while offering these services in car interior detailing service. 

    • Complete Interior Detailing  
    • Car Interior Detailing Service  
    • Car Interior Shampoo  
    • Car Vacuuming   
    • Car Fragrance/Air Freshener   

    Car Exterior Detailing:

    These are some services that you avail when you choose our car exterior detailing service.

    • Car Scratch Removal 

    • Car Scratch Removal Service

    • Car Oxidation Removal

    • Car Oxidation Removal Service 

    • Car Waxing Service

    • Car Polishing Service

    • Car Paint Protection     

    • Tar & Bugs Removal 

    • Tree Sap Removal

    Wheel & Tire Detailing:

    We offer all these services to our clients when they select our wheel & tire detailing service.


    • Tire Detailing   
    • Wheel & Rim Detailing   
    • Car Headlight Restoration 
    • Car Virtual Consultations

    How Can You Get Our Car Interior Detailing Service in Gretna NE?

    You can get our amazing car interior detailing service by contacting us at 402-213-0650. Moreover, we renovate your car exceptionally with our other car detailing services when you send an email to sunshineautoomaha01@gmail.com.


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    How often Should I Wax My Car?

    It's advised to wax your car around every three months. You can clean your car's interior and exterior properly, then wax the body with premium wax to give it a lovely shine. Also, we offer our clients a car waxing service as per your preference.

    What is the Easiest Way to Remove Sap?

    To get tree sap out of clothes and hair, rubbing alcohol is used. Rubbing alcohol, a strong solvent, breaks up and dissolves sticky sap. So, to dissolve the sap, dab it with a cotton ball that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol. When the sap is gone, repeat the process. Moreover, you can also get tree sap removal services from us.

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