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Sunshine Auto Detail works in the maintenance of cars. We are in this business for a long time and provide reliable services to our clients. To boost the car exterior detailing is what we are determined for. Everything, if taken care of, lives for a long time. We are here to look after your car interior detailing as well. Professional individuals work in our company and they always show diligence while serving car brands. Furthermore, wheel & tire detailing is performed by us with perfection. A person can tell the prominent difference in the working of their wheels after taking our service.

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We are Here to Provide an Outstanding Auto Detailing for Your Car!

Sunshine Auto Detail has been serving its valuable clients for years. Our company provides various kinds of auto detailing services. If your car has got a dent and it looks really bad on the beautiful exterior of your car, we are here to do car scratch removal service. Meanwhile, our car interior detailing service and car interior shampoo are also quite necessary to maintain the inside of the car, we make certain that you get the right service. Besides that, car vacuuming is also performed by our skilled professionals. Our car fragrance/air freshener can give you a sense of a peaceful environment when sitting in your car. Furthermore, we also provide car paint protection. It is quite useful for keeping the original paint for a long time. 

Expert Team

Our experienced and skilled workers have a good command on dealing with auto maintenance.

Unique Services

We protect your car from oxidation that can wear off the paint, by providing our car oxidation removal service.

Quality Materials

We use good quality products when performing car waxing service and car polishing services.

Our Services

Car Interior Detailing Chalco NE

What we serve is comfort and luxury to our customers, when they drive their cars. There are many components like leather and fibers present inside your car that require special treatment. Our complete interior detailing cleans your car thoroughly from the inside. We also perform car vacuuming to ensure it’s thorough cleaning. One of the reasons for vacuuming is to clean the inside cabinets of the car and to remove any particles of dirt. Car interior detailing service ensures perfect cleaning of your car while providing it with a great look. We also do complete washing of your car via our car interior shampoo. It is a good way to remove any junk inside your car. However, when everything looks great, one surely wants their car to smell pleasant. For this purpose, we have excellent quality car fragrance/air freshener. There is a large variety of fragrances for your car. You can select one that suits your taste. Furthermore, our professionals perform car interior detailing service quite productively. Providing our clients with a clean and healthy car is what drives us to do our best.

Car Exterior Detailing Chalco NE

An exterior detailing with a deep cleaning can enhance the overall look of your vehicle. Our car scratch removal erases all scratches from the car’s exterior. Our workers in the car scratch removal service thoroughly clean all the doors, rims, and glasses and use the high-powered spray. Prolong oxidation can damage the paints and to avoid this we provide a car oxidation removal service. We use high-quality polishing agents that are essential for car oxidation removal. However, our car waxing service is performed to protect the car from environmental agents that can be corrosive like tree sap, bird droppings, and ultraviolet rays. Car paint protection is necessary for keeping the magnificent look of your car. Meanwhile, car polishing service keeps the clear coat from getting removed because of scratches. We also perform tar & bugs removal to ensure proper cleaning of your vehicle. The tar on the outside of your car and bugs on the inside can really be a cause of your discomfort. It is easy to get tree sap on your car, mostly during parking under a tree that is infested. Our skilled professionals use tree sap removal that contains alcohol and other cleaning reagents.

Wheel & Tire Detailing Chalco NE

To have an effective running car, you must have excellent performing tires. We clean and wash your tires while scrubbing them to remove any clutter stuck in the tires through our tire detailing service. Further, we apply protectants on the rubber of your tires. The purpose of a protectant is to give back the shiny dark color to the tires. Our professionals focus on every detail of our client’s car. Wheel & rim detailing includes washing the wheels before any part of the car. We utilize new items every time that we use to wash the rest of the car like wash mitts. The wheel cleaner that we use can even clean the most stubborn dust particles on your brakes. Car headlight restoration is everything that your headlight needs to work efficiently. However, most headlight lenses are made of plastic, and prolonged exposure to the sun can harm them. Hence, we use UV protective coverings. There are certain things that haze your headlights as well because of the process of oxidation. We also use high-quality cleaners that can restore the vision of your lights and make them as good as new. Moreover, we provide car virtual consultations to guide you regarding your cars even at a distance.

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Reach Us to Get Complete Auto Detailing of Your Automobiles

We are a recognized auto detailing company. We have built the trust of our clients by providing them with the most efficient and dedicated service. There are many services that have proven to be the result of our customer’s comfort such as wheel & rim detailing. In order to have a smoothly running car, a person needs to perform tire detailing from time to time. Furthermore, to get rid of your car from tree sap, we also have tree sap removal.

Our Assured Service Quality

Our aim is to render our clients the best auto detailing services in town, so they can enjoy a pleasant ride.

Your Safety is Our Top Concern

By providing the most reliable service, we ensure your safety. Our skilled workers perform their tasks precisely.

Use of Modernized Tools & Techniques

After a while, everything needs to update. Thus, we utilize the latest tools and techniques while maintaining your car.

Trusted Team of Professionals

Our team members are all certified individuals and also have years of experience in their respective fields.


Carlos is amazing! He really takes pride in his work and you can see it. We had 3 vehicles done and each one was done in a day's time. I can't recommend this shop enough! You will not regret having your vehicle detailed here! The photos are of my husband's truck. I got it done for his birthday and he will be ecstatic!

April Lorsch

Carlos is the man. He was super responsive to my questions, has great availability (I'm not sure why, because he does such a great job), really fast turnaround time, and super great pricing. I have a big, hairy, slobbery dog that I used to take to doggy day care every day, so ever since COVID and working from home, I haven't touched the inside of my car because I barely use it up until now. His hair and drool basically acted like superglue to my interior. Carlos made my car look almost brand new. He did the outside as well, and the only thing to point out is that my license plate is still dusty, but that's because of my license plate cover. This isn't anything that Carlos missed.

Lee Reiff

Carlos was very professional and did a great job detailing interior and exterior of my vehicle. We have dogs, and prior to the detailing there was pet hair everywhere, but it was spotless upon completion. He was there when he said he’d be there and completed the job on time and to our specifications which is a rare trait any more. We will be back in the future. Thank you and keep doing great work!

Andre A

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    Sunshine Auto Detail provides a wide variety of services in Chalco NE. Below mentioned are our reliable services:

    Car Interior Detailing

    • Complete Interior Detailing
    • Car Interior Detailing Service
    • Car Interior Shampoo
    • Car Vacuuming
    • Car Fragrance/Air Freshener

    Car Exterior Detailing

    • Car Scratch Removal
    • Car Scratch Removal Service
    • Car Oxidation Removal
    • Car Oxidation Removal Service
    • Car Waxing Service
    • Car Polishing Service
    • Car Paint Protection
    • Tar & Bugs Removal
    • Tree Sap Removal

    Wheel & Tire Detailing

    • Tire Detailing
    • Wheel & Rim Detailing
    • Car Headlight Restoration
    • Car Virtual Consultations

    It is used to remove tar & bugs from the bugs. It prevents the clear coat to avoid any damage. The chemicals in the removal break down the tar and remove the stains easily. Hence, you won’t have to scrub hard on the surface.

    Auto car detailers perform car headlight restoration. They use a headlight restoration kit to repair your headlights. For damaged lens coating, a protective layer can be applied to it. It is also an easy way to get shinier headlights without changing them.

    You can get our car exterior detailing by contacting us at 402-213-0650, or you can also send us an email at sunshineautoomaha01@gmail.com.

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