We have been Serving Car Brands to Our Potential Customers Based on their Requirements in Elkhorn NE!

Our clients will experience the best quality car exterior detailing service on the basis of their needs. Moreover, we have a professional staff who can perfectly maintain your vehicles. We have the best solution for wheels and tires while serving you with our wheel & tire detailing services. Therefore, our priority is to satisfy our clients by solving their problems quickly. If you face any problem with your car interior, we offer you our valuable car interior detailing service to solve it. 

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Car Exterior Detailing
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Our Car Detailing Services Improve the Performance of Your Car!

Sunshine Auto Detail has been providing outstanding services to improve the cars of its customers. We provide services for car dent removal and car oxidation removal if you want to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Additionally, with the help of our services for car headlight restoration, our qualified mechanics flawlessly keep your headlights. When our customers turn to us for interior maintenance, we provide them with magnificent full interior detailing and vehicle vacuuming services. You can also take advantage of our car virtual consultations to discuss any concerns about your vehicle. In the meantime, we place a high value on customer satisfaction and offer a service that provides air fresheners and fragrances for your vehicle.

Experienced Team

We have a great team who has complete knowledge of car detailing services.

Exceptional Services

Our motive is to satisfy our clients through our beneficial services.

Quality Materials

We utilize quality material, so you will enjoy long-lasting durability.

Our Services

Car Interior Detailing Elkhorn NE

Our complete interior detailing service is very important in enhancing the comfort and pleasure of our customers' travel. We restore any interior damages in the finest way when you select our effective car interior detailing service. When providing you with our car interior shampoo service, our professional personnel will completely wash your vehicle. We use our amazing car vacuuming equipment to thoroughly clean the inside of your car before we wash it. Also, after using our incredible car fragrance/air freshener service, you will notice a nice and fresh environment. We are here to provide comprehensive auto maintenance using our services.

Car Exterior Detailing Elkhorn NE

If you're searching for an effective car polishing service, let our skilled detailing team take care of your vehicle. Also, your car may sustain some scratches as a result of environmental pollutants or accidents. Hence, using our car scratch removal service, we perfectly repair the outside of your vehicle. We provide you with our car oxidation removal service in order to eliminate minute particles from your vehicle. After using our amazing tree sap removal and car waxing service, our clients will have the ideal outlook. You can get in touch with us at any time to use our helpful tar & bugs removal services.

Wheel & Tire Detailing Elkhorn NE

We serve you with our wheel & tire detailing service if you drive your car to work every day. Also, we may add fantastic tires to enhance the appearance of your car. We provide our customers with first-rate wheel & rim detailing service to get this trendy look. While providing you with our automobile headlight restoration service, our qualified mechanic properly restores your headlights. Our knowledgeable car virtual consultations are always accessible to solve your car problems right away. By doing so, we use our tire detailing service to put the satisfaction of our customers first when changing or repairing their tires.

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We Have Every Auto Detail Restoration Service

Sunshine Auto Detail is one of the best car detailing companies. Moreover, we quickly repair your car with our beneficial car detailing services. If you face any problem with our car, our trained staff properly fix your car issues in the best way. So, you may rely on our reliable car scratch removal service and car oxidation services because we have been serving our clients for many years. Moreover, when we maintain your car with services, we try to serve you in the most effective way to build a better relationship with you.

Assured Service Quality

You will experience high maintenance when we assist you with our efficient car detailing services.

Use Modern Technology Tools

Our trained staff resolves your car issues efficiently by using appropriate tools and the latest technology.

Increase Your Safety

Your risk of accidents caused by malfunctioning vehicles is reduced by our effective auto detailing services.

Trustworthy Team

Our professional team finds the error in your car and quickly resolves the issues with their years of experience.


Carlos is amazing! He really takes pride in his work and you can see it. We had 3 vehicles done and each one was done in a day's time. I can't recommend this shop enough! You will not regret having your vehicle detailed here! The photos are of my husband's truck. I got it done for his birthday and he will be ecstatic!

April Lorsch

Carlos is the man. He was super responsive to my questions, has great availability (I'm not sure why, because he does such a great job), really fast turnaround time, and super great pricing. I have a big, hairy, slobbery dog that I used to take to doggy day care every day, so ever since COVID and working from home, I haven't touched the inside of my car because I barely use it up until now. His hair and drool basically acted like superglue to my interior. Carlos made my car look almost brand new. He did the outside as well, and the only thing to point out is that my license plate is still dusty, but that's because of my license plate cover. This isn't anything that Carlos missed.

Lee Reiff

Carlos was very professional and did a great job detailing interior and exterior of my vehicle. We have dogs, and prior to the detailing there was pet hair everywhere, but it was spotless upon completion. He was there when he said he’d be there and completed the job on time and to our specifications which is a rare trait any more. We will be back in the future. Thank you and keep doing great work!

Andre A

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We solve our client’s vehicle problems efficiently in Elkhorn NE by utilizing these services:

    Car Interior Detailing:


    • Complete Interior Detailing  
    • Car Interior Detailing Service  
    • Car Interior Shampoo  
    • Car Vacuuming   
    • Car Fragrance/Air Freshener   

    Car Exterior Detailing:


    • Car Scratch Removal  
    • Car Scratch Removal Service 
    • Car Oxidation Removal  
    • Car Oxidation Removal Service  
    • Car Waxing Service 
    • Car Polishing Service 
    • Car Paint Protection     
    • Tar & Bugs Removal  
    • Tree Sap Removal    

    Wheel & Tire Detailing:


    • Tire Detailing   
    • Wheel & Rim Detailing   
    • Car Headlight Restoration 
    • Car Virtual Consultations 

    You can wax your car after installing paint protection film on it. We make sure the wax you plan to use doesn't include more than 5% of either kerosene or naphtha. Our experts avoid waxes that include colors as well.

    Cleaning a car's interior is known as interior detailing. The interior cabin has a variety of materials, such as leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics, and natural fibers.

    You can get our serving car brands facilities by calling us at 402-213-0650. Furthermore, you can get more information about our car service by sending an email to sunshineautoomaha01@gmail.com.

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