Let’s Restore the Real Look of Your Car with Our Car Scratch Removal Service in La Vista NE!

Sunshine Auto Detail is an automobile repair workshop where your vehicle will be treated skillfully by our expert mechanics. Our car interior detailing service will make your car germ free and stainless. Moreover, we offer car exterior detailing in which we treat dents and scratches on the outer surface of your car. Our professionals specialize in wheel & tire detailing. Meanwhile, they recommend effective ways in which you can keep your tires maintained. We have a list of serving car brands to whom we are offering our quality car treatments.

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Utilize Our Car Scratch Removal Service to Fix Your Car Exterior!

Sunshine Auto Detail is known for facilitating its clients with the finest car cleaning services. Our expert mechanics will do wheel & rim detailing using proper tools and techniques that can remove scratches on your wheels’ rim. Moreover, they will fix your headlights with our car headlight restoration service. We add a layer of protection, so that the paint can stay longer with the car paint protection service. Our experienced mechanics have the solution to all your car concerns. Also, we offer car virtual consultations to our clients where they can have a showroom-like experience. Meanwhile, in our complete interior detailing services, we use highest quality car interior shampoo and car vacuuming techniques to make the interior tidy. Further, we use a mild cleaner for tree sap and tar & bug removal. 

Latest Methods

We believe in modifying our methods for efficient results. Moreover, our expert mechanics use techniques for better performance.

Our Experience

Till now, we have successfully dealt with hundreds of vehicles. Our clients are highly satisfied and trust us with our work.

Eco-friendly Products

We use eco-friendly cleaning products during the cleaning process to avoid toxins, so that they can not harm the environment.

Our Services

Car Interior Detailing La Vista NE

Our vehicles are an essential need in our daily life as without them we would be unable to travel. Removing debris from a vehicle can improve its appearance. However, we facilitate our clients with complete interior detailing, so that their vehicle stands out from the rest. A dirty car interior with an odor is an ideal place for bacteria and also affects human health. Therefore, we offer our loyal clients car interior detailing service in which we wash their interiors thoroughly. Our cleaning methods include car vacuuming through which we remove dust from the console, gauge, and other parts inside the car. Moreover, after removing the dust, we clean the seats and seat belts using car interior shampoo. Further, we use car fragrance/air freshener that enhances the inner environment of your vehicle.

Car Exterior Detailing La Vista NE

Tree sap can disfigure the paint and can damage the windshield wiper. However, we will do tree sap removal for you to avoid this damage. When you choose your car paint protection, you can reduce the paint fading of your vehicle. Meanwhile, you can choose our car scratch removal service in which car scratch removal experts will polish the clear coat with a rubbing compound to reduce the scratches. Also, excessive sun exposure dries out the paint on your vehicle. However, we offer a car oxidation removal service in which we will restore your car’s natural appearance. Car oxidation removal will return the shine of your car. For a shiny vehicle, you can choose our car polishing service. In our car waxing service, we apply a thin layer of wax for protection. In addition, we will wipe off bugs, and tar that are tough to remove using tar & bugs removal spray.

Wheel & Tire Detailing La Vista NE

Wheel and tire detailing can change the appearance of your vehicle. The wheels and tires of our vehicles are in direct contact with dirt, so they need a little extra care. Meanwhile, we offer tire detailing in which we will treat your tile with effective cleaning methods to give it an immaculate effect. If your rims have curb rash, you can choose our wheel & rim detailing offer. In addition, we will remove the brake dust from your rims to give them a neat appearance. Restored headlights increase the visibility and safety of the vehicle. However, you can turn your cloudy and yellowish headlights into new ones by using our car headlight restoration service. We offer car virtual consultations to our valuable clients, where they can get expert advice remotely at their place.

Car Brands We Serve

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We Have Every Auto Detail Restoration Service

Sunshine Auto Detail provides exceptional car cleaning and restoration services in the town. Meanwhile, we take considerable care with the vehicles of our customers. When we offer car interior detailing service, our skilled team members employ effective cleaning and restoration processes. We also utilize premium tree sap and tar & bug removal spray to provide the greatest cleaning results. Also, we use quality air fresheners to improve the atmosphere in our vehicle. The satisfaction of our clients is a constant priority for our team. 

We Provide a Warranty for Our Work

All of our clients have always found our work to be up to the point. When you work with us, we handle everything efficiently.

Excellent Team Ethics

Our excellent teamwork skills to discuss a topic at a convenient meeting location significantly aid in completing tasks.

We provide Affordable Prices

Depending on the nature of customer interaction, we provide services to our clients at a very competitive price.

We Provide Excellent Services

Our work is recognized for its quality. We value your time and money by maintaining a high level of quality.


Carlos is amazing! He really takes pride in his work and you can see it. We had 3 vehicles done and each one was done in a day's time. I can't recommend this shop enough! You will not regret having your vehicle detailed here! The photos are of my husband's truck. I got it done for his birthday and he will be ecstatic!

April Lorsch

Carlos is the man. He was super responsive to my questions, has great availability (I'm not sure why, because he does such a great job), really fast turnaround time, and super great pricing. I have a big, hairy, slobbery dog that I used to take to doggy day care every day, so ever since COVID and working from home, I haven't touched the inside of my car because I barely use it up until now. His hair and drool basically acted like superglue to my interior. Carlos made my car look almost brand new. He did the outside as well, and the only thing to point out is that my license plate is still dusty, but that's because of my license plate cover. This isn't anything that Carlos missed.

Lee Reiff

Carlos was very professional and did a great job detailing interior and exterior of my vehicle. We have dogs, and prior to the detailing there was pet hair everywhere, but it was spotless upon completion. He was there when he said he’d be there and completed the job on time and to our specifications which is a rare trait any more. We will be back in the future. Thank you and keep doing great work!

Andre A

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    Sunshine Auto detail is the complete solution for your vehicle that offers multiple services including:


    Car Interior Detailing

    • Complete Interior Detailing
    • Car Interior Detailing Service
    • Car Interior Shampoo
    • Car Vacuuming
    • Car Fragrance/Air Freshener


    Car Exterior Detailing

    • Car Scratch Removal
    • Car Scratch Removal Service
    • Car Oxidation Removal
    • Car Oxidation Removal Service
    • Car Waxing Service
    • Car Polishing Service
    • Car Paint Protection
    • Tar & Bugs Removal
    • Tree Sap Removal


    Wheel & Tire Detailing

    • Tire Detailing
    • Wheel & Rim Detailing
    • Car Headlight Restoration
    • Car Virtual Consultations

    Driving while wearing yellow or cloudy lenses is dangerous. You'll find that you no longer need to drive with your brights on after having your lenses restored.

    Tree sap can be easily removed by using an alcohol based cleaner. Apply it over the sap and it will dissolve easily.

    If you want to get a car scratch removal service in La Vista NE, you can contact us at 832-964-5535. Also, if you have any queries related to our services, you can email us at sunshineautoomaha01@gmail.com.

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