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Sunshine Auto Detail is a trusted business that performs the maintenance of cars. We have been serving our customers for a long time and have attained their complete trust. The car exterior detailing gives your car a cosmetic touch and enhances its overall appearance. Meanwhile, car interior detailing can increase its inner beauty. Our skilled individuals show extreme care in their service. Furthermore, wheel & tire detailing is done to make the working of your wheels effective. One can find no fidelity in our services as our workers show complete attentiveness while serving car brands.

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We Can Change the Look of Your Vehicle for Good

Sunshine Auto Detail is famous for providing the most useful auto detailing services. Our clients have always treasured our services. We provide all types of car detailing services. To perform complete interior detailing of your car, we are here to serve. We utilize high-end products while providing our most authentic services. Many things come in car interior detailing service such as our car interior shampoo. It is important to clean every bit of the interior of your vehicle. To remove all sorts of dust particles and germs, car vacuuming is a great option. After giving a thorough service to your car, you also want it to smell good. For this purpose, we provide our car fragrance/air freshener. So, connect with us to know more about our services.

Credible Service

Our workers are all professionals and thus perform every service with precision, such as our car scratch removal service.

Use of High-Quality Products

We use top-notch quality products in our service especially in car oxidation removal service.

Useful Services

All our services are designed to enhance the look of our clients' vehicle, such as our car waxing service.

Our Services

Car Interior Detailing Boys Town NE

Our company provides auto detailing of your vehicles to give them an updated look. Firstly, we do complete interior detailing of your car. This includes thorough cleaning of the vehicle. Then, our skilled professionals perform car vacuuming to make it dust-free and completely spotless. As some extremely small particles get stuck in the interior cabinets of your car. Later, we do a complete inner washing of your car via car interior shampoo. It is essential for its deep cleaning. Our car interior detailing service does an overall servicing of your car and gives it a look as good as new. Finally, you can apply a car fragrance/air freshener to make it smell pleasant. We have a wide collection of exclusive car fragrances that can create a nice and soothing environment inside the car. Our most beneficial car interior detailing service makes everything in your car look nice and clean.

Car Exterior Detailing Boys Town NE

We want you to rest assured of your car scratches with our car scratch removal. Our skilled professional takes care of you with complete authenticity and perfection. Car scratch removal service completely cleans any scratch on your rims, glasses, and doors and provides you with a shiny exterior. With time, oxidation can harm the exterior of vehicles. However, you can easily remove them with our car oxidation removal service. We use car oxidation removal of standard quality to perform this task. Environmental factors such as tree sap, ultraviolet rays, and tree sap can be harmful to your vehicle. Our car waxing service can prevent your cars from getting embedded on your vehicle’s surface. Meanwhile, our car paint protection keeps the elegant look of your car from getting worn off. To keep your clear coat fresh and prevent it from getting damaged because of scratches, use our car polishing service. In addition, vehicles when parked under the tree shades sometimes get tree sap. Our skilled workers use top quality tree sap removal to clean it. It is common for your vehicles to get exposed to tar and bugs. We can easily solve this issue with our tar & bugs removal.

Wheel & Tire Detailing Boys Town NE

Efficiently going tires can be a reason behind a smoothly running car, we make this possible. First, we scrub your tires to remove any junk particles stuck in them. Then, we perform their thorough washing. Our tire detailing service has always proven helpful to our clients. Our trained workers perform wheel & rim detailing with such efficiency that you can tell the difference apart. All the products that we use in our services are specially designed for that particular process and render great results afterward. Such as the cleaner we use to apply on the wheels that can scrub the hardest particles stuck on the brakes. We also use protectants to give back your tires their original black color. Prolonged exposure to sun rays can harm your headlights lenses. Thus, we use UV coverings during performing your car headlight restoration. However, the effects of oxidation can also dim the lightning capacity of your car. The cleaners we use on your headlights can bring back their excellent vision. Furthermore, our clients who live in distant places always appreciate our most helpful car virtual consultations.

Car Brands We Serve

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Our Services Reflect Our Values

We are a renowned auto detailing company. We render complete auto detailing of your car. Whether it is a car polishing service or car paint protection, we are here to help you. Meanwhile, our wheel & rim detailing always ensures the satisfaction of our clients during their driving experience. In addition, we give car virtual consultations to our distant clients. While parking under trees, you sometimes get tree sap on your vehicle. Though, you can rest assured after applying our tree sap removal. All services are authentic and performed with dedication by our workers. 

Unique Services

We have all kinds of services and products that can be the reason for your car’s beauty including tar & bugs removal.

Perform Authentic Service

Whether your problems are big or small, we have solutions of every kind including car headlight restoration.

On-Time Service

Our team works with complete attention when doing detailing of your car and always completes the services at the exact time.

Trusted Experts

All our individuals are experts in their field and show diligence while serving our clients.


Carlos is amazing! He really takes pride in his work and you can see it. We had 3 vehicles done and each one was done in a day's time. I can't recommend this shop enough! You will not regret having your vehicle detailed here! The photos are of my husband's truck. I got it done for his birthday and he will be ecstatic!

April Lorsch

Carlos is the man. He was super responsive to my questions, has great availability (I'm not sure why, because he does such a great job), really fast turnaround time, and super great pricing. I have a big, hairy, slobbery dog that I used to take to doggy day care every day, so ever since COVID and working from home, I haven't touched the inside of my car because I barely use it up until now. His hair and drool basically acted like superglue to my interior. Carlos made my car look almost brand new. He did the outside as well, and the only thing to point out is that my license plate is still dusty, but that's because of my license plate cover. This isn't anything that Carlos missed.

Lee Reiff

Carlos was very professional and did a great job detailing interior and exterior of my vehicle. We have dogs, and prior to the detailing there was pet hair everywhere, but it was spotless upon completion. He was there when he said he’d be there and completed the job on time and to our specifications which is a rare trait any more. We will be back in the future. Thank you and keep doing great work!

Andre A

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What Services Does Sunshine Auto Detail Provide in Boys Town NE?

    Sunshine Auto Detail offers all types of car detailing services in Boys Town NE. Below mentioned are our reliable services:


    Car Interior Detailing

    • Complete Interior Detailing
    • Car Interior Detailing Service
    • Car Interior Shampoo
    • Car Vacuuming
    • Car Fragrance/Air Freshener


    Car Exterior Detailing

    • Car Scratch Removal
    • Car Scratch Removal Service
    • Car Oxidation Removal
    • Car Oxidation Removal Service
    • Car Waxing Service
    • Car Polishing Service
    • Car Paint Protection
    • Tar & Bugs Removal
    • Tree Sap Removal


    Wheel & Tire Detailing

    • Tire Detailing
    • Wheel & Rim Detailing
    • Car Headlight Restoration
    • Car Virtual Consultations

    What is Tire Detailing?

    It is the complete detailing of your tires. First, you wash your tires so that all the junk gets removed, and then apply high-quality cleaner on your tires. Lastly, scrub the tires and finally rinse them with water.

    How to Remove Effects of Oxidation From Your Car?

    Light oxidation can easily be removed by polishing compounds but heavy oxidation needs a car oxidation removal. It is also a good option to wax your cars once in a couple of months to avoid oxidation.

    How Can You Get Car Polishing Service in Boys Town NE?

    You can get our car polishing Service by calling us at 402-213-0650, or you can also send us an email at

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