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Roof Repair Service Grand Prairie TX

We offer roof repair services where we offer shingle roof repair. It is not only cost-effective but also provides a fine look. Other than this, we also work on metal roofs. They are long-lasting and durable. So, we also offer services of metal roof repair. In addition, it is a common observation that commercial roofs require more repair. So, we provide our services for commercial roof repair. More to this, emergency roof repair is also a part of our service set. We offer our maintenance services for the roofs on an emergency basis. So, we also look after the roof leak repair where it is needed.

Roof Inspection Grand Prairie TX

We offer inspection services where we inspect different roofs. So, we check out where it needs to change. More to this, metal roofs are durable and ensure longevity. So, we also offer metal roof inspection. To put this forth, we also deal with flat roofs. They are durable and also keep the environment cool. So, a flat roof inspection is also a part of our service set. Not to mention, we inspect different roofs and prepare reports accordingly. Moreover, we also prepare a roof inspection report. In addition, an independent roof inspection is also a part of our skillset as it helps us understand the damages.

Asphalt Roofing Grand Prairie TX

Besides inspection and repair services, we also offer asphalt roofing services. Asphalt shingles are comparatively durable. They also further give off a beautiful look. That is why we provide asphalt shingle roofing. Furthermore, we also deal with roll roofing. They are budget-friendly and also ensure waterproofing. So, there is a reason why we offer asphalt roll roofing services. More to this, we also provide services for rolled asphalt roofing. It brings versatility to the overall design structure. That makes it a great choice. In addition, we offer asphalt shingles roofing because it offers diversity. 

Gutter Service Grand Prairie TX

Irrespective of the variation in our area of services, we offer gutters installation services. It increases the life of the roof. Not only this, but also reduces the roof repair cost in the future. Furthermore, we also offer rain gutters installation services. It is an effective solution to handle the flow of rainwater. It makes the rainwater flow easily. Furthermore, it helps drain it conveniently. In addition, we also offer our services for aluminum gutters. It is easy to stall and needs less maintenance comparatively. Other than this, to maintain reliability and repair the damaged gutters, we also offer gutter repair services. 

About Us

TDC Roofing started as a small venture. Later on, it developed into a fine roofing and remodeling company. From inspection to repair services, we offer so much more. We also provide the services for gutters. Furthermore, we also deal with interior and exterior paints. Not only this, we ensure to offer excellence and satisfaction in our services. Over the years, we have been providing the best of our services. While our team experts tackle the issues with great care and efficiency. We ensure a credible approach while providing our roofing services.. Not leaving beside our thoughtful techniques. So, call us today and resolve your roofing issues real quick with our best solutions.


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