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Dina’s Salon & Barbershop is a salon owned by a lady named Dina. Also, there is a barber shop where the lady offers its customers the best hair services. She has been passionate about the grooming of individuals, the spa services are to facilitate them. Moreover, the stylists there can provide you with a new look by availing of the barber services. Meanwhile, you can also enhance your personality through our best-quality hair removal services. In addition, this business has been known for its credible hair color services that have revived the personalities of our clients over time. However, feel free to get in contact with our perms services.


Hair Services Somerville NJ

Our hair services include stylish men’s haircut that anyone can have to give themselves a refined look. It is because, in our men’s haircut, we have tried to cover different cuts for different people. To put forth, our amazing women haircut can bring you a charming look. Having a women haircut from a credible source compliments your personality. More so, we also got different styles for kids haircut. You can choose any style from the kids haircut that may suit your kid. In addition, you can make yourself look more charming through a waxing hair removal service. It is because our waxing hair removal service gives you a clean and fresh look. Moreover, you may contact us anytime to have our keratin complex treatment. If you want to groom yourself, have our keratin complex treatment. Besides this, here, at our salon, our hair experts provide you with the best volume blowout hair service. So, you can choose to have our volume blowout hair service to enhance your personality. However, you can also get our walk-in services.

Perms Services Somerville NJ

We are famous for providing the best perm services. Our perms standard wraps can offer you a stylish look. You can make an appearance in our perms standard wraps at your social events. Here, the best thing about perms standard wraps is that they make your hair look lightweight. Also, to add volume, our perms standard wraps can make a difference to your personality. To put forth, our perms spiral wraps are no less. You can get our perms spiral wraps service from our hair experts. They ensure to give your hair a seamless look. With our perms spiral wraps, you get tight curls as your hairstyle. So, you may get our perms spiral wraps at the best rates. More so, with our perms vertical wraps, you get open curls for giving it a casual look. You may get your perms vertical wraps service from our hair experts. Meanwhile, if you want your appearance to be sleek, go for perms vertical wraps as they will offer enhancement. Moreover, you can visit our salon anytime to get your hands on our high-standard perms vertical wraps service.

Spa Services Somerville NJ

Our spa services can put all your tiredness to one side through some amazing spa services such as deep pore cleansing facial. To put forth, if you are exhausted from stress, our deep pore cleansing facial can help you feel relaxed. It is because we also offer massage in the deep pore cleansing facial so your pressure points will be relaxed this way. More so, our anti aging facial service is also a part of our spa services. If you are someone conscious of your age, our anti aging facial service is the best fit for you. Our anti aging facial service can reduce the wrinkles on your face and give you an evergreen look. However, you can also have a mini facial here at our salon. If you do not want a cleansing facial, get our mini facial service. The best thing about a mini facial is it removes all the dirt from the pores and gives you clear skin. Moreover, here at our salon, a gentleman facial is also available for you. Our gentleman facial ensures to provide clean skin for you. Meanwhile, you may feel free to avail of our gentleman facial service anytime.

Barber Services Somerville NJ

Our barber services can provide you with a dandruff-free scalp and ensure the healthy growth of your hair. So, we got you our mens haircut and beard trim service. Meanwhile, our mens haircut and beard trim service can help you get your hair done through experts. Also, if you avail of our mens haircut and beard trim service, do not worry about the alignment of your beard. Our mens haircut and beard trim service can provide you with the most trendy and stylish haircuts and different styles of beard. However, we also got our hot towel shave service for you. Our effective hot towel shave service has always been in demand as it relaxes the person thoroughly. More so, the best thing about our hot towel shave service is it removes all the dead skin from your face. So, all you have to do is schedule your time and visit our salon to get our hot towel shave service. You may contact our team of experts during our salon hours to know more about our barber services. They will answer all your queries. 

Hair Color Services Somerville NJ

Our hair color services can enhance your personality like nothing else. Here we got our full color hair service for you that can bring life to your hair. You can have our full color hair service at the best rates by our professionals. More so, we can also provide our customers with single process hair color service. Through our versatile single process hair color service, different hues of a single color will reflect in your hair. In addition, we also got a double process hair color service for our potential clients. Our double process hair color service can create an amazing dimension in your original hair color. Besides this, you can also have our cap highlight hair color service by our hair experts. Meanwhile, our cap highlight hair color service can also give you a different look. Hence, we are known as a trusted hair color salon on which many of our clients rely. Therefore, you can also give our hair color salon a try to know what stands us apart. You may drop us a call for a query and our team will get back to you shortly.

Hair Removal Services Somerville NJ

You can get many things in our hair removal services that can enhance your personality by giving you a different look such as our waxing hair removal service. Our waxing hair removal service can provide you with clear and smooth skin. You may get our waxing hair removal service by making an appointment prior or directly at the salon. Furthermore, you can also have our upper lips hair removal service. If you choose to get our upper lips hair removal service, you will see a subtle yet significant change. Also, the upper lips hair removal service brings an instant change to your face. Moreover, we also got eyebrows hair removal services for you. Our eyebrows hair removal services can make you look more mature. Also, the best thing about eyebrows hair removal service is that it boosts your confidence. However, our facial hair threading can make your face more charming than ever. The most significant aspect of facial hair threading is it brings an appeal to your face. So, groom your personality through our facial hair threading service. 

Dina's Salon & Barbershop | FAQs

What Services Dina’s Salon Offers in Somerville NJ?

You can get our trusted barber services to enhance your personality to its best. Furthermore, we can help you out also through our hair services. It will keep your hair in a good condition. In addition, our authentic hair color services can enhance your hairstyle to a greater extent. You can also avail of our hair removal services to make your personality more appealing. Besides this, our perms services can help you outshine at parties and events. However, you may have our spa services at the best rates in Somerville NJ.

How Can You Get Barber Services in Somerville NJ?

You can have our barber services change your hairstyle in case you have a special event. Get our services by filling out our signup form or by contacting us at 732-529-4000 or our official email address at Dinasnjsalon@gmail.com.

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About Us

Dina’s Salon & Barbershop is a leading salon that provides the best barber services, spa services, and hair services. We have been facilitating our clients for a good number of years, while the quality of our services has remained uncompromised. That has helped our business gain trust and goodwill, which kept us going, and pushed us to move forward. Meanwhile, we came across amazing clients, they were often overwhelmed with satisfaction that boosted our morale. Moreover, here we have an experienced team of stylists and workers that ensures workplace productivity. However, we always remain just a call away. 


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