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The construction and the remodeling of the house is a complicated work. Though when you find a reliable contractor and services to do it, then it becomes easy and less time-consuming. When the whole structure of the house is created, then comes the roof installation. There are many options available in it. You need roofing services that can walk you through every type and then assist you in choosing the best. Meanwhile, to prevent any water spill and the absorption of it in the exterior walls, a home requires a proper gutter & siding installation. If considering the outside space of a house, one loves to have a spacious and stable deck. Another structure that is part of the exterior, as well as the interior of any place, is the windows. A homeowner needs a sound deck & window installation. Lastly, when the whole outside area of the house is ready and what is left is its painting, one can look for an exterior painting service. Go further to check the availability of all these services at our site.

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Get the Solution to Any Exterior Problem

Lifetime Exterior Solutions is a company that performs the installation and the repairing of the external areas of your home. For the roofs, we offer roof installation and replacement service. It can provide a durable and desired roof to shelter your beautiful place. If one wants a deck here, then our roof deck installation is what you need. Meanwhile, sidings are necessary for protecting your house against heat and moisture. We send experts to your place to perform siding installation and repair service to ensure its stability. Water can also cause severe damage if it leaks and seeps through drainage pipes, so gutter installation and replacement are required for a new and an existing house. Connect with us to know more about these and other services like deck installation.

Genuine Work

All the products and materials we use in our services are of top-notch quality and thus give valid results.

Client Relief

We perform our services with dedication and accuracy, thus being able to solve any problem in an exterior space of a place.

Timely Completion

All the steps in our service are performed with quiet accuracy and always get done at the time given to our customers.

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Orange painted roof with repaired siding by Lifetime Exterior Solutions roofing services in WA

Roofing Services Tacoma WA

So the walls are constructed, and what is left now is to install a durable roof on your house. For that, our trusted business offers roof installation service. There are various roofing types, and we are equipped to install any kind of it. So, if you want a water-proof, simple to install, and budget-friendly roofing option, then asphalt shingle roof is an authentic option. The other one that is also water impermeable and resists corrosion is a metal roof. We have professionals to perform metal roof installation. Another option that one can get for getting a spacious roof that requires less material to develop is a flat roof. You can check our service of flat roof installation and start the process. Meanwhile, we offer a roof replacement service for changing a damaged roof with a new one.

A man is installing gutters in a roof with siding by Lifetime Exterior Solutions gutters installation services in WA

Gutter & Siding Installation Tacoma WA

Whether inside a home or on the roof, gutters are necessary for the disposal of water from your house and in the disposal system. We provide a gutter Installation of any kind and at any area of your place. However, if you already have a gutter system safely installed and it got damaged because of any incident, then gutter replacement becomes a necessity. Our experts will be at your doorstep right away and perform the construction of a water disposal system. Meanwhile, sidings are installed to protect the house from heat, water, and other environmental factors. They can be of wood or any other material. We help you get the proper siding installation and the material you would prefer. With time, sidings need maintenance and in case of any damage, a complete restoration process. You can get these processes in our siding repair service. Sidings are an excellent option for protecting the exterior structure and the roofs. Hence, we also provide roof siding installation.

A man is installing siding with perfectly painted in light brown color by Lifetime Exterior Solutions siding installation service in WA

Deck & Window Installation Tacoma WA

A deck comes in a luxurious category that you get to magnify the beauty of your house, increase its value in the market, and most importantly spend quality time on it. We have experts to perform deck installation and provide you with all these advantages of a deck. A homeowner can get a deck on the roof as well, and to make it happen, we provide roof deck installation. If you already have a deck that is showing any sign of damage or molds have infected the woods, then you should go for deck replacement. However, if the newly constructed house needs a suitable ventilation system, our window installation service can provide the desired window system. We also offer the service of a window replacement for changing the old windows.

Man is installing windows in a house by Lifetime Exterior Solutions windows installation services in WA

Exterior Painting Tacoma WA

Every house needs complete exterior painting to appear beautiful again. You can trust us for painting elegant colors that are of top-notch quality and have a long shelf-life. Painting is essential for keeping the whole house’s great appearance. Though home exterior painting needs to be performed after every few years than the interiors. The reason is that UV rays, harsh weather effects, and various other factors can fade the paint and expose the walls to the environment. So, we offer our services and assure you that the products we use will last long. Then comes our exterior roof painting service, which is to give the roof’s structure a beautiful look and provide a protective coating. From there we come towards your windows, and because the exterior window painting is important as well, so we offer our credible service. Lastly, we provide deck painting service to protect the deck and enhance its beauty.

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For Keeping the Home’s Structure Intact

Our company wants you to get the best possible installation services for your place. If looking for fixing a roof on a new or an old house, our roofing services are here to serve our customers. If you are thinking about a metal roof as it is more durable and can resist damage, unlike wood, then we believe that our metal roof installation service can help you. Other types, like shingles and flat roofs, are also in demand, thus we provide asphalt shingle and flat roof installation. It is up to our client which roof they want us to install, and if need any assistance in picking the right option, then we can as well guide you there. After installing the roof properly, we provide exterior roof painting. Our company also offers window installation for an efficient ventilation system and saving energy on maintaining the temperature. However, exterior window painting keeps a good appearance in your home.

Maintained Sidings

If you want to increase the shelf life of your roof, it is important to perform roof siding installation.

Solid Deck

Deck replacement should be done at once when there are severe cracks and damages in the deck’s structure.

Window Maintenance

The windows need to be in proper condition, so a window replacement is required to prevent any damage.

House Painting

We offer home exterior painting services to keep the house in a nice appearance and give a protective coat to walls.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Lifetime Exterior Solutions Offer in Tacoma WA?

Lifetime Exterior Solutions offer services to install new structures in the external space of your house and restore any damages in the old ones. Below have mentioned the service names that we offer in Tacoma WA:

Roofing Services

  • Roof Installation Service
  • Roof Replacement Service
  • Asphalt Shingle Roof
  • Flat Roof Installation
  • Metal Roof Installation

Gutter & Siding Installation

  • Siding Installation
  • Siding Repair Service
  • Roof Siding Installation
  • Gutter Installation
  • Gutter Replacement

Deck & Window Installation

  • Roof Deck Installation
  • Deck Installation
  • Deck Replacement
  • Window Installation
  • Window Replacement

Exterior Painting

  • Complete Exterior Painting
  • Home Exterior Painting
  • Exterior Roof Painting
  • Exterior Window Painting
  • Deck Painting Service

How Can You Get Roof Installation Service in Tacoma WA?

You can get our roof installation service by calling us at (425)-948-8394. One can also find us at

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How Deck Paint is Different from Normal Paint?

When we provide a deck painting service, we keep in mind to use a paint that can resist any wear, can bear heavy foot traffic, and can enhance the look of the wooden boards.

Why Should I Get Asphalt Shingle?

One can still it on various roofing styles, and there are plenty of colors available in it. They offer durability and stability with cost-effectivity. These roofs are also energy efficient as they prevent the extensive amount of sun’s rays from penetrating inside a place.

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  • Roofing Services Tacoma WA
  • Gutter & Siding Installation Tacoma WA
  • Deck & Window Installation Tacoma WA
  • Exterior Painting Tacoma WA
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