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Dina’s Salon and Barbershop is a salon run by a passionate lady named Dina. To put it forth, she is a style enthusiast and provides amazing perms services. In addition, she loves to style her clients with amazing hair removal services. More so, there is also a barbershop associated with the salon where the best quality barber services are provided by the staff. Moreover, they style their clients with hair color services. Besides this, spa services are also a part of their service set. However, their stylish hair services stand out from the rest of the other services.


Hair Services New Brunswick NJ

You can get amazing hair services from our stylists at the best rates. You can give yourself a refined look through our men’s haircut service. To put forth, our stylish men’s haircut can also give you a different look. In addition, we also got trendy women haircut to make you look more charming. If you want to make yourself look different and attractive, you can get our women haircut service that can enhance your personality. More so, we can also provide you with some cute kids haircut. You can choose the best kids haircut for your child that will suit him the most. Moreover, our hair services also include a keratin complex treatment that can outshine your hair. If you love to treat your hair, you can go for our keratin complex treatment. Besides this, we also offer volume blowout hair service for a minimal look. You can also have our volume blowout hair service to create a lasting impact. However, you may feel free to contact us to know more about our waxing hair removal service. Get our waxing hair removal service to give your skin a mesmerizing glow.

Perms Services New Brunswick NJ

We have been providing perms services for a good number of years now which makes us experts at providing perms standard wraps service. You can get our trusted perms standard wraps to make a classy appearance. The best thing about our perms standard wraps is it brings volume to your hair which is the ultimate want at the end of the day. Also, our perms standard wraps service can make your hair look lightweight. To put forth, you can also have our perms spiral wraps. Our hair experts can provide you with appealing perms spiral wraps that can give you an attractive look. You can also make a difference through our perms spiral wraps. If you want to stand out and have a captivating look, choose our perms spiral wraps. Meanwhile, our perms vertical wraps are no less and give you a minimal yet beautiful look. If you are not fond of hairstyles, go for our perms vertical wraps. Here, we have professional hair stylists who are experts at perms vertical wraps. So, all you have to do is drop us a call to get perms vertical wraps.

Spa Services New Brunswick NJ

Our spa services can enhance your look to its best and that is for, we got our refreshing deep pore cleansing facial. If you get a tan or sunburn, you can have our deep pore cleansing facial. Also, to revive your color complexion, you can have our deep pore cleansing facial to relax your mind and body. To put forth, if you do not want a facial particularly, you can choose our mini facial. It will clean your skin to its pores and remove all the dirt from the skin. Our mini facial is suitable for all types of skin and also removes blackheads. You may get our mini facial just by walking in or else making an appointment. More so, our anti aging facial service is also something you can have. Our anti aging facial service would be suitable for you if you stay conscious of your age. Also, get our anti aging facial service at the best rates. Besides this, we also facilitate our clients with gentleman facial. Usually, men have rough skin as compared to women, our gentleman facial can provide them with soft skin. You can also have our gentleman facial for your special events.

Barber Services New Brunswick NJ

You can have amazing haircuts and styling through our amazing barber services. We offer mens haircut and beard trim services for our potential clients to give them a different look. You can also avail of our mens haircut and beard trim service if you want a distinctive look. Through mens haircut and beard trim, you get a groomed and more refined look. Also, mens haircut and beard trim services enhance your personality in various ways. Besides this, we also got various other services to enhance your outlook, such as a hot towel shave service. The best thing about the hot towel shave is it cleans your skin from within. Also, you can have our hot towel shave service, as it removes dead skin. So, you may feel free to get our hot towel shave service to enhance your personality. However, you may contact us to share your queries regarding the range of our services. Here, we have a team of experts who are already skilled with years of experience. That makes them the best and helps us gain the trust of our potential clients and customers. 

Hair Color Services New Brunswick NJ

Hair color services enhance your personality like nothing else. Here, we have got amazing full color hair service that is done by experts. You can get our amazing full color hair service to bring life to your hair. More so, we can facilitate you with our single process hair color service. If you love to change your hairstyle from time to time, you can have our single process hair color service. In addition, we also got a double process hair color service for you to give a different depth of color to your original hair color. Through our double process hair color service, you can enhance your personality. Meanwhile, you may get our cap highlight hair color service. Upgrading your hair color with our cap highlight hair color can diversify your personality to a remarkable extent. Besides this, our hair color salon has been facilitating its clients with the best quality services. That makes our hair color salon one of the best places to go. However, we are always just a call away from serving you right with our high-standard hair and spa services.

Hair Removal Services New Brunswick NJ

You can enhance your personality by having a refined look. To put forth, you can get your hands on our waxing hair removal service to keep your hands and legs clean. In addition, our waxing hair removal service can offer you clean and smooth skin. Also, having our waxing hair removal service as personal grooming brings you confidence. Moreover, upper lips hair removal creates a significant difference. It is because upper lips hair removal helps you get away with unwanted hair. So, you may have our upper lips hair removal service to make yourself look more admiring. Then comes our eyebrows hair removal service that works like nothing else. The eyebrows hair removal brings an instant change in your personality that makes you look good. You may get eyebrows hair removal services from our experts at the best rates. However, facial hair threading is also something we offer. The best thing about facial hair threading is it reduces the roughness of the skin. So, you can make your skin look smooth with our facial hair threading service.

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What Services Dina’s Salon Offers in New Brunswick NJ?

Dina’s Salon is a barbershop and salon that has been trusted by its customers for providing the most amazing spa services. More so, you can also have our trusted hair services to enhance your personality. In addition, we can also provide you with our hair color services that can add a new dimension to your original hair color. Meanwhile, our hair removal services can leave you with smooth and clean skin. You can feel free to get in touch with our perms services. It will make your hair look heavy while being lightweight in reality. However, barber services are also something you can have at the best rates in New Brunswick NJ.

How can You get Barber Services in Brunswick NJ?

Get our reliable barber services to enhance your personality by filling up the signup form. You can also share your queries at Dinasnjsalon@gmail.com or contact us at 732-529-4000

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About Us

Dina’s Hair Salon and Barbershop is a business owned by a passionate lady named Dina. To put it forth, we have been serving our clients with high-standard hair and spa services for a good number of years. More so, the quality of our services has given us recognition over the years which makes us one of the trusted sources. In addition, here we have experts for threading and spa services. They perform the best facial threading, eyebrows, and upper lips service which makes us the best at what we do. Besides this, we also have hair stylists who perform amazing hair color services. So, all you have to do is schedule your visit to our salon.


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