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What make us Best Electrical Installation Service in New Rochelle NY

At our company, we prioritize our customers’ time and offer the best options for their electrical needs, including emergency wiring and electrical systems. We also provide electrical insulation for kids’ safety and ensure timely management of all our customers. With a one-year warranty opportunity and temporary electrical wiring service, we make it easy for you to choose the best option at a suitable price. Our high-quality products and efficient conducting wires with the best insulant outers make us a reliable choice for emergency electrical services in Rochelle NY.


Electrical Installation Service New Rochelle NY

Electric wiring is dangerous and it can cause a lot of damage, these wirings are complicated and it creates a serious issue in daily life. Danny’s Electric provides you with exceptional and expert professionals who use great products and skills to determine the problem and solve it without issue. These wirings are insulated and our company also provides emergency electrical service so you do not have to wait. We also provide temporary electrical service and home electrical repair service with excellence and a skilled team. We provide electrical wiring service with insulated covers and high-quality wires at reasonable prices. 

Commercial Plumbing Service New Rochelle NY

Gas leakage is one of the issues that are dangerous and even lead to serious damage. With our service you do not have to worry about it anymore, we provide high-quality GAS plumbing service with a skilled and professional team. We provide professional plumbing service with high-quality products and quality work without stretching the prices. Our company also provides local emergency plumbing service and our exceptionally skilled team provides the best service within time and at a reasonable price.

Construction Service New Rochelle NY

Our company puts their efforts to make our customer’s dreams come true and provide the best product and amazing plans with time. Our construction service is highly safe and we provide the finest quality products. We handle all service Construction and handle all the work carefully and professionally. We handle complete construction services and organize the process with cautions and high-quality materials. Our company also handles construction on a big level and provides commercial Construction service with a trained team and high-tech machinery. 

Home Remodeling Service New Rochelle NY

Are you tired of your home design? Then you’re in the right place. Our company has a great client chain for home remodelling and we provide all the services in different time slots. Our home renovation contractors and home remodelling contractors are highly trained and skilled. We also handle separate room renovations like kitchen and bathroom remodelling and provide the best options for payments and management. Our company is one of the promising bathroom and kitchen remodelling companies. We provide the best quality work at the best prices and a highly trained team with a 1-year warranty.  

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What Services Danny’s Electric Offers in Rochelle NY?

Danny’s Electric helps its clients during their difficult times while assisting them with its electrical installation service in Rochelle NY. Moreover, our clients can benefit from our construction service. You can rebate your home after utilizing our home remodeling service. We have professional experts who can repair your water or gas pipes while assisting you with our commercial plumbing services

How Can You Get Electrical Installation Service in Rochelle NY?

Our clients can quickly avail of our electrical installation service by contacting us at 914-637-2636. Also, you can resolve your queries about our service after sending an email to doctorscave@msn.com

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35 Year's Experience With Electrical Installation Makes Us the Best One to Offer This Service.

We provide 24-hour emergency service with 35 years of experience in the market with the finest quality material and a highly trained and skilled team. Our methods are technical and smooth, we allow our customers to have the best experience of electrical wirings. Your best decision is one contact away!

About Us

Danny’s electricity creates opportunities for workers and citizens and we build trust and provide our clients with the best of our work. We offer different options and ideas that make our customers comfortable and allow them to choose carefully. We respect our clients and offer the best payment options with high-quality products and a skilled professional team.


Danny's Electric is Determined to Provide The Best Quality to its Customers

Danny’s goal is to provide the best quality to its customers and create better options and opportunities for the people connected to us. We provide different packages and services that make it easy for you to solve your problem by just contacting a single number. Our team is active and exceptionally talented and skilled. They complete the service with flawless touch and furnished look.

Your trust is our top concern!

"We have stuck so back thanks to Danny's electric’s team we got our wires insulated on time and at such an amazing price."
Kenneth B.
"We got our kitchen and bathroom renovated by Danny's electric. Their team is professional and they did a great job. My kitchen and bathroom look new and so much better. "
Joe D.
"What a great service! It was the best and in such a short time, thank you guys for making my plumbing issue disappear with such a good quality product and amazing team."
Ronald T.


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