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Radiator Covers Washington DC

A radiator is incomplete without its cover, which is an essential element of the radiator. Radiators and the surrounding environment are both protected by them. Our customers can choose from a variety of radiator covers. At the same time, we make sure the cover does not impact the radiator’s heat output. Radiator covers protect your radiator from different elements since some radiators are sensitive to them. It is also possible to reduce the noise of the machine by using radiator covers. Moreover, these covers are important for protecting children and animals from the sensitive elements of radiators.

Radiator Enclosure Washington DC

To maintain the efficiency of your radiator, we provide a high-quality radiator enclosure. In the meantime, it is important that your radiators are safe. You can also protect different parts of your radiator with a radiator enclosure. There are different designs of radiator enclosure that you can use according to its size. Meanwhile, our experts will provide you the perfect size for your radiator for its better performance. That’s how you can trust us with our service to have a quality experience. As a reliable company, we’ll ensure to provide you with a fine radiator enclosure. 

Radiator Cabinets Washington DC

You can utilize your radiator space in the form of radiator cabinets for proper storage. Apart from storage, they also enhance the overall look of your place. There are different designs of radiator cabinets that we offer according to the size of the radiator. Meanwhile, you can choose the right cabinets considering the theme of your place. We can also design radiator cabinets as per your requirement. You can rely on the complete setup of your radiator cabinets. However, different colors and designs are available that you can utilize according to your choice. As a result, you can have a reliable experience with our products. 

Shutters Services Washington DC

You can avail the best quality shutters services of premium material from us. Thus, there are several types of shutters available, including interior plantation shutters. Meanwhile, Shoji screen services are an excellent option for different windows because they support different structures. We also offer indoor blinds and shades as another option for your window covering. Therefore, we promise a perfect service for window treatment. You can get in touch with our professionals, and they will help you to choose the right shutters services for your place. Further, you can experience our custom cabinetry service based on quality wood material. 

About Us

Lloyd Pitts Home Furnishings provides premium radiator covers and cabinets to its consumers. However, we also offer a radiator enclosure with shutter services. That is how you can save your radiator while keeping it in good working order. Our skilled crew is capable of dealing with any ratios, including their coverings and cabinets. We do, however, provide quick setup of each part using high-quality materials. So, contact us immediately to learn more about our durable products for the steady use of your radiators.


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