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Private Security Services Montgomery County MD

We rank among the best companies for offering our clients private security services. While many customers seek round the clock private security services. We assist you in finding the protection and kind that are adequate to meet your needs. In addition, we engaged individuals with specialized training for our private security services. In addition to offering armed and unarmed guards, uniformed or plainclothes guards, and long-term contracts, we also provide a variety of private security guard options. We customize our services to meet your needs. Moreover, we also have special private security services for our clients.

CCTV Monitoring Services Montgomery County MD

Our CCTV monitoring services are reasonably priced for our customers. In addition, we employ highly qualified specialists with the training and expertise to protect your home or place of business. Therefore, we provide you with top-notch CCTV monitoring services. Our highly trained staff can take immediate action if there is a threat to someone or something on your property. You can rely on our premium CCTV monitoring services. You can use our CCTV monitoring services if you want to install the greatest security system at your properties. Furthermore, we keep our client’s private information secure.

Mobile Patrol Services Montgomery County MD

Mobile patrol services are a realistic choice that enables security guards to visit your property at pre-planned yet random intervals. Additionally, when our clients use our mobile patrol services, they can benefit from a wide range of advantages from us. We have a qualified team on hand around-the-clock to help you with our mobile patrol services. By offering them our dependable mobile patrol services, we aim to make the lives of our clients more comfortable. So, we are here to provide you with legit benefits from our services. We also add high-security cameras to our client’s security system as part of this service.

About Us

Edwards Security Consultants is one of the reputable companies offering high-alert security installation systems to its clients. Moreover, our knowledgeable officers provide effective service when you need a top-notch high-security system. Additionally, we have been providing amazing mobile patrol, CCTV security, and private security services. Our goal is to make our customers’ lives safer and more comfortable. If you are seeking private security services, we employ professional guards. Call us right now to take advantage of our helpful services. We try hard to serve our clients efficiently.


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