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Private Security Services Prince George's County MD

We ensure the safety of our client’s places with our private security services. The purpose of it is to keep the activities of the people in the surrounding under control. Therefore, it serves as a safeguard against unethical behavior. Furthermore, if you are worried about your presence in public, our private security services can assist in maintaining a quick exit from any uncertain situation. We will protect you and your loved ones from any harm when you hire private security services. To accomplish this, our professional team keeps a close eye on various areas of the property. As a result, our private security services keep the surrounding area under our radar.

CCTV Monitoring Services Prince George's County MD

Our CCTV monitoring services allow the users to determine any uncertain activities around their premises. So you can keep an eye on your surroundings. Meanwhile, the recordings through our CCTV monitoring services are also valuable to investigate an unfortunate situation around you. We can provide you with this service at your place with the complete installation. However, CCTV monitoring services are also available in commercial areas like malls, hospitals, offices, and other facilities. That’s how we can help you to maintain a safe environment in your area. We utilize the latest technology and quality products in our CCTV monitoring services.

Mobile Patrol Services Prince George's County MD

It is possible to identify potential crimes with the help of mobile patrol services. Our team is proficient in handling security threats in any area. With our mobile patrol services, you will be under the protection of experienced security personnel to provide you with total coverage. Therefore, you can avail of our mobile petrol services if you have faced any unfortunate scene recently. We will ensure your protection while also investigating the real reason behind any threat. However, you can experience the effectiveness of our professionals through our mobile patrol services. We will check all the parameters before making the arrangements. 

About Us

Edwards Security Consultants is a reputable brand in the security industry. For many years, we have provided our clients with safety and protection. To put it another way, if an event has just occurred in your neighborhood, we can assist you with our private security services. Furthermore, we may supply you with our mobile patrol services to keep a continual eye on passers-by. However, if a crime is committed, our CCTV surveillance services can assist you to a larger extent. Our service will ensure complete reliability when it comes to the security of your place. So, you can contact us right away to use our efficient service.


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