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Window Treatment Las Vegas NV

Having a perfect window treatment is the desire of every person. Usually, hard window treatment requires high-quality material and skills for proper installation. Blinds are one of the hard treatments for windows. Meanwhile, we’ll ensure to provide quality blinds suitable to your windows. There are different varieties of blinds that you can have from your windows. Currently, pleated blinds are commonly used in both commercial and residential places. However, we also offer Venetian blinds in a wide range. We have different styles and materials of blinds to offer. You can also have our service install a blind for a motorized window.  

Blinds Installation Las Vegas NV

We offer blinds installation services for different kinds of spaces. Our services are quite diversified in such a manner. So, we can help our customers in every way possible. You can have our installation services for bathroom blinds. Meanwhile, we can also help you with living room blinds and bedroom blinds. Our expert team can also install office blinds in your company with unique ones. A kitchen must require blinds to keep a separation from the other area of the place. That’s why we offer specially designed kitchen blinds. Further, you can also have our nursery blinds to cover the windows of your baby’s room. 

Shutters Installation Las Vegas NV

Shutters installation is another popular way of covering your windows. However, there are different types of shutters that you can have to cover your windows. Board shutters are a traditional way to cover your windows, and we provide its complete installation. Further, you can have classic-style louvered shutters to cover your windows. Meanwhile, your cafe must require shutters to cover the windows in a unique way. That’s why we also provide cafe shutters suitable according to its theme. Although batten shutters are quite similar to boards having wide wooden slats, we can also install these shutters.

Custom Drapes Las Vegas NV

Drapes are a traditional and elegant way to cover your windows with style. We’ll design custom drapes for your house. You can have different types of drapes with unique designs. Pinch pleat drapery is one of the common types of drapes, and it’s easy to move. However, inverted pleat drapery is another popular variety used by people. Meanwhile, you can have our installation service for both of these varieties. Further, we can install grommet drapery with unique colored rings in them. If you want rod pocket drapery to shelter your windows, we can offer you plenty of designs for this category with complete installation. 

Shades Installation Las Vegas NV

If you want to cover your windows in a unique way, shades installation is the best solution for you. You can have solar shade for your windows among different types of shades. These shades don’t allow sunlight ever to enter your place while maintaining the cool temperature. Meanwhile, we also offer traditional woven wood shade to shield your windows. Our expert team can also install vertical shades with classic design and color contrast. However, roman shades are one of the stylish kinds of shades having traditional prints and texture. So, we will install these shades by matching the theme of your place. 

Window Covering Las Vegas NV

There are several options that you can have for window coverings. We cover every type of coverings to shelter your windows. Meanwhile, we will provide you with accurate door window covering according to the size. You can also have different types of shades and drapes for your bay window covering. However, bathroom windows have different sizes as compared to other windows. That’s why you can have our bathroom window covering for all sizes and designs. Further, if you require any types of shades or blinds for your bedroom, we can help you with a proper bedroom window covering. 

About Us

BDIY Blinds is one of the leading companies for providing high-quality window treatment services. We have been running this business since 2003, and until now we have served plenty of clients. Whether you need quality blinds, shutters, drapes, or window covering, we are here to help you. We have a wide variety of products in all categories to facilitate our customers. Meanwhile, our professional team will help you to choose the most suitable option for you. Further, we provide complete installation of the blinds and any other window covering. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best quality of product with an efficient installation. If you want to experience our quality shades and installation service, you can contact us today. 


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