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We learned a number of things about social media from CMT Direct’s social media team. We never thought that we could get so many customers from facebook!

Charles Andrew

Social Media Marketing & Management Agency NYC

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The best place to showcase visuals is Instagram. From creating engaging captions to uploading catchy images, instagram is the best place to attract potential customers. 

On instagram, you can show your creative side. You can share images, create creative captions, and choose the audience you want to target. 

Our Instagram marketing strategy covers both content development & social media management. You can count on us to manage your insta handle!

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The most popular and the most used social media platform is facebook. It has become a powerful advertising tool which can help businesses gain a great number of customers. 

It is the perfect place to promote your business and enhance its reach. Facebook gives various filters to promote your content to the right audience. 

If you are looking for professional social media managers to manage your business facebook page or group, CMT Direct is the right social media marketing company to contact. 


Youtube is the top video site and the second most used search engine in the world. This makes youtube a perfect platform for business owners to interact with their customers. 

Youtube offers various filters like age, gender, etc for business owners to place their business in the right category. You can leave this job to us. We have made many businesses successful by incorporating our expertise in creating youtube ads for many businesses helping them make their businesses successful. 

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LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where business owners of different niches are present. It is a great platform to meet the business owners in the same niche as yours.

It is also a good platform to hire new talent, purchase goods, and buy good services. If you are a B2B company in New York or New Jersey, we can help in finding what you are looking for through our linkedIn marketing

Case Study

Venable Pro Movers |

Based in Pennsylvania and Maryland, our clients were not facing difficulties in generating enough sales due to the older and well-established competitors. CMT Direct helped them get Recognized by creating their online presence. We did this by creating their website by following the right SEO strategies and by creating their local pages targeting the areas they serve to attract more potential customers.

The company is now a reputed moving company with a large number of customers offering professional residential and commercial moving services.


More Traffic Than Before


More Leads Generated

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