We Provide Air Conditioner Service to Maintain the Temperature of Homes in East Providence RI!


Water Heater Services East Providence RI

We have a team of expert workers that offer water heater installation services to homes. A heat pump water heater is an appliance that uses electricity to make the place warm. This device is energy efficient because it does not generate heat directly. Further, we install a water heater boiler at your home. This heater can warm your entire house efficiently if everything goes well. We offer a tankless water heater installation service, so you can increase the temperature only whenever you need. Meanwhile, we provide installation and repair services. We recommend heater replacement if the heater is showing a bigger issue.

Plumbing Service East Providence RI

We have a team of plumbers that fix and install pipes at your home and office. We offer effective plumbing services. Sewer line blockage will cause water to leak on your property. In the end, the quality of your home will ruin, and you will also face serious damage to your property. Our team solves all your sewer issues using quality products. To fix the broken pipe hard job is to find the pipe. We fix broken water pipes quickly before mold and mildew grow on them. Our team offers drain cleaning services to increase the life cycle of a drain. By unblocking drains, you can get rid of bad odor and dirt particles from the drains.

Air Conditioner Service East Providence RI

In air conditioner installation jobs the hard task is to fix the outer. The outer should be installed at a place where it can get ventilation. Technology has evolved and now we have a smart air conditioner in our homes. This AC enables you to control the AC right from your smartphone. Some AC companies run their applications. Therefore, we offer geothermal air conditioner installation. These conditioners are durable and require a little maintenance. Likewise, a commercial air conditioner keeps the working places productive and healthy. Whereas, a condenser unit AC is installed at the outer portion that collects or releases heat according to the weather.

Shower Valve Repair East Providence RI

Shower faucet leaking or dripping of water can damage your shower valve. However, we offer a shower faucet repair and installation services. Shower mixer valves prevent the mixing of cool water into the hot one. If they mix, it can cause you a lot of trouble. Our skillful team uses modern tools for shower mixture valve repair. In case of shower tap leaking, we also provide installation and repair services. Therefore, everyone loves the hot shower. When it’s having issues like shower faucet leaking, one gets frustrated. So, to save one from frustration, we offer installation and repair services, when you need them.

About Us

Wagner Plumbing Services is a premium plumbing service provider. Specializing in all terms of plumbing and installation services. Whenever you are in tension or need repair services, you can freely contact us. We offer genuine and cost effective services to our customers. Thus, just to maintain peace of mind. Our skillful staff can handle from installation to repair all types of remodelings. Regardless, if you are searching for any services, from plumbing to shower valve installations. We are ready to help you at any time. Therefore, we provide our clients with the best of our service. We work hard to build your debts and offer you a great service at any cost. So, don’t worry and give us a call. Our experts are always available for you.


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